A series of workshops were held with stakeholders from across Suffolk. These were used to capture thoughts and ideas to promote and develop a sustainable bus network for Suffolk. Feedback from the workshops and analysis of the existing bus services have been used to inform the content of our BSIPCloseBus Service Improvement Plan.

The guidance to local authorities and bus operators was published in May 2021. This included a template for the BSIPCloseBus Service Improvement Plan document.

The guidance states that the BSIP:

"...should describe in outline how a Local Transport Authority (LTA) and operators in an area can achieve the overarching goal of the National Bus Strategy - to grow bus patronage: both to build it back after the pandemic and then to increase it and raise buses' mode share.”

The guidance also acknowledges:

“Given that BSIPs will have to be produced within six months, they will necessarily be outlines. We do not expect vastly detailed and granular documents running to hundreds of pages. Nor will we take them as definitive or immutable commitments or statements of intent on your part."