Bus services

Commercial bus services

In the first instance complaints should be directed towards the operator of the service concerned.

You should telephone or write to the office of the bus service operator concerned as soon as possible after the incident.
Please remember that any situation will have to be investigated and the operator may need to ring you back.

Contact details for bus service operators in Suffolk 

Sponsored bus services

If the service is sponsored by Suffolk County Council (identifiable by the 1 code on the timetable) then you can report the incident to us.
There are 2 ways you can report a problem to us;

Taking things further

Should the operator be unable to resolve your problem to your satisfaction, the matter can be referred to the Bus Appeals Body who will examine complaints about local services.

Bus Users England
Princes Exchange
Princes Square

Call 01134 577900

Contact Bus Users

Contacting the Traffic Commissioner

If after this the matter remains unresolved, the final point of contact is the Traffic Commissioner for the Eastern Region who is responsible for the initial registration of all services.

The Traffic Commissioner
Eastern Traffic Area
Shaftesbury Road 
CB2 8BF 

Call 0300 123 9000

Bus shelters

Research into the use of public transport showed that people were more likely to use buses to travel for several reasons, including protection from the weather and passenger safety.
Modern bus shelters offer both these, high visibility for safety and literally a shelter from the elements.
At Suffolk County Council, we are committed to take measures to increase the use of public transport.

How to apply for a bus shelter

Parish and town councils are invited to apply for shelters in their areas.
Please download the information pack which gives information about funding options, consulting with residents, maintenance responsibilities and types of shelters available.
It also includes an application form which should be returned to us if a shelter is desired.
Because resources are limited we do look to work in partnership with parish and town councils to share the cost of such installations.

Download an application form to apply for a bus shelter in your area (PDF 577KB).

Damaged shelters

Should a bus shelter be damaged through vandalism or an accident, please report this to the appropriate parish or town council as the majority of shelters are in their ownership.
Should the shelter in question belong to Suffolk County Council then they will be able to contact us to arrange repairs.

Contact your local parish or town council to report a problem with an existing bus shelter (external)
Contact Suffolk County to report a problem with an existing bus shelter (external)

Apply for a bus stop suspension

It is possible to apply for a stop to be suspended so roadworks can be carried out safely.

Find out more on how to apply for a stop suspension

Bus timetable cases

Applying for a new timetable case

If you feel that your local bus stop might benefit from having a timetable case installed then we can look at this, but it must already be a registered bus stop. The stop might not have any regular bus services but would benefit from a case displaying information on Connecting Communities or where to find passenger transport information online.
This might be obvious if the stop has a bus stop flag, raised kerb or a shelter but some stops are 'unmarked', this means there is no visible infrastructure in place.
The easiest way to check if there is already a stop at the location is to check on Google Maps and zoom in until bus stops start to appear as little blue bus icons.

What we need to know:

  • Stop name (can be found by clicking on the Google map bus stop icon)
  • Reason why you believe this stop requires a timetable case

Contact Suffolk County Council to request a new timetable case (external)

Damaged timetable cases

Nearly all timetable cases across Suffolk are maintained by Suffolk County Council, the only exception being green timetable cases found in Ipswich that are owned and maintained by Ipswich Buses.

Please contact us if:

  • you notice a timetable case with out-of-date or incorrect information
  • vandalism i.e. the case or flag has been twisted, bent or the plastic front has been broken

It would help us locate the stop if you could supply us with the stop name as it is written on either the bus stop flag or bus stop timetable header.

Further Information

View contact details for bus service operators in Suffolk

Report a problem with Passenger Transport online (external)