Code of conduct for pupils and students

  1. Always arrive at the stop in good time and make sure that you have your travel pass with you. Wait in a sensible, safe and orderly manner. The bus should normally turn up on time but sometimes it could be late due to heavy traffic or other problems. You should wait up to 20 minutes after the pick up time before leaving the stop, otherwise you could miss it.
  2. Always carry your travel pass with you as checks will take place. If you cannot produce your pass when asked to do so you will not be allowed to travel.
  3. Find a seat quickly and quietly without pushing and stay in your seat all the time the vehicle is moving.
  4. Where the vehicle has seat belts always use them.
  5. Do not distract the driver. Listen carefully to what he or she says, and for your own safety follow any instructions given to you.
  6. Respect other passengers, their belongings and the vehicle. Disruptive behaviour such as vandalism, swearing, smoking or bullying is not acceptable. If you misbehave you are likely to have your travel pass taken away which means you will not be able to travel. Your parents will be contacted so that they are aware of what you have done.
  7. If you have any belongings with you then carefully store them under the seat or in any area provided for luggage. Never block the gangway between the seats. When getting off the bus make sure you have all your belongings – and take care that your coat, scarf or bag is not caught in the door.
  8. Do not try to get on or off until the vehicle has stopped and do not push or rush for the door.
  9. Do not eat or drink on the vehicle.
  10. If when you have left the vehicle you need to return, take great care – the driver may be pulling away. If the vehicle is pulling away or has already gone, and you have left something behind, please contact the operator directly.
  11. When you get off the vehicle do not cross the road until the vehicle has moved away. You must be able to see clearly in both directions.
  12. Travel passes are valuable and students whose passes are lost, stolen or damaged must apply for a replacement from Passenger Transport, at a fee of £10.00.
  • A pass is acceptable where a corner or fragment is broken off but the photo, name, school/college, all route numbers, expiry date and hologram must be clearly visible.
  • If a pass is snapped into two or more pieces a replacement must be obtained. Taping back together will not be acceptable.

Up to date travel guidance for Coronavirus

Advice for parents or guardians

  1. Always ensure that young children and those with special needs are taken to the stop or agreed pick up point in good time and that they are looked after until the transport arrives.
  2. Make sure that children have their travel pass with them ready to show the driver. The driver will check passes and will refuse to carry a child who is unable to produce their pass.
  3. Ensure young children and those with special needs are met by a responsible adult  when the transport arrives from school.
  4. Make sure your child knows what to do if the transport is late, does not arrive or your child is refused entry due to not having a valid pass.
  5. Teach your children to think about their own and other’s safety and make sure they understand the code of conduct in this leaflet. Incidents of damage to property or anti-social behaviour will result in children having their travel entitlements suspended by the operator and/or the County Council. You will be written to informing you of any such decision and it will be your responsibility to arrange alternative transport whilst the suspension is in place.
  6. If your children are not accompanied to the pick up point, make sure they follow the safest routes. Ensure that they know they must wait in an orderly and sensible manner for transport to arrive.
  7. Travel passes are valuable. You will have to pay for replacements. Lost passes should be reported immediately to the school or Passenger Transport who will advise you.
  8. If your circumstances change please let the school or Passenger Transport know. If a pass is no longer required please return it.

Further information

The County Council arranges and provides 4.5 million school pupil journeys per year for students who live in Suffolk.

We do all we can to provide a safe and efficient service which meets the needs of pupils, parents and schools/colleges. Your support in following the advice outlined in this letter, and encouraging your child(ren) to follow the Code of Conduct helps us to do this.

Obviously, in moving so many people, problems do occur from time to time. It is our aim to ensure any problems are dealt with and resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have any concerns or need further information or advice, please contact us.

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