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If you are entitled to travel vouchers, you can apply online or by postal application.

We recognise that there are a number of people who can't access the benefits of free travel on conventional bus services like other residents who qualify for and use a bus pass do.

This could either be for reasons of severe disability or the fact that due to their location, such services are unavailable to them.

The council therefore offers a benefit to those persons in the form of travel vouchers that can be used towards the use of community transport, taxis or private hire vehicles.

The value of the vouchers issued is £100 per annum.

Customers who have travel vouchers waive their right to a free bus pass.

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Frequently asked questions

For disability qualification:

Anyone with a disability/blindness or injury which has a substantial and long-term effect on their ability to walk. This being of such severity that you are unable to use conventional public transport services at any time (whether or not those services are available).

Persons applying must provide details of the reason or reasons that you are unable to use conventional public transport and have their application form endorsed by someone who is professionally qualified e.g. doctor/community nurse or involved in your treatment or care.

For remoteness qualification:

For residents who would qualify for a free travel bus pass but are unable to use the pass as there are insufficient bus services to and from the parish they live in with no more than 3 return public bus journeys per week to a town with shops and other services (e.g. healthcare, banking, etc.).

Residents applying for and being issued with travel vouchers will not be entitled to a bus pass and give up their right to have one by accepting vouchers instead.

Suffolk County Council is unable to cover any costs incurred getting any letters/proof required from the medical profession or other specified medical person to support your claim for vouchers.

Please don't send original proof documents, send photocopies only. Suffolk County Council can't accept any responsibility for items that are mislaid in the post. No documentation will be returned.


All application forms will require a passport photograph and proof of eligibility.

Please don't send original proof documents, send photocopies only. Suffolk County Council can't accept any responsibility for items that are mislaid in the post. No documentation will be returned.

Completed applications are to be returned with a passport-sized photograph to:

SCC Free Travel Bus Pass
PO Box 212


Please note that we are only able to process Suffolk County Council application forms. Forms previously produced by borough or district councils will not be accepted.

If you are currently in receipt of a free travel bus pass, this will have to be returned with your completed form in order for us to process your application.

You will receive a booklet of vouchers which are in £1 and £2 denominations, which can be used to pay for your journey by community transport, taxi or private hire vehicles. 

Vouchers will be valid from 1st April each year until the 31st March the following year.

If you join part way through the year, you will be given a pro-rata reduced number of vouchers.

Once you have received the vouchers, Suffolk County Council will contact you each year to see if you wish to continue to receive them and arrange for further vouchers to be sent.

Please note that the colours used on vouchers will change each year so they are easily identifiable to customers and operators.

Vouchers are accepted on participating community transport, taxis or private hire vehicles.

A full list of operators who accept Travel Vouchers is available online.

Alternatively you can ring 0345 6000659.

Before you make your journey, check that the driver is registered with the scheme and will accept the vouchers.

Each voucher will be personalised to you with your name and photo (it will also have an ID number that will be repeated on each of the vouchers). Vouchers are not transferable to another person.

You can use vouchers at their face value to pay some or all the cost of a journey up to a maximum of £20.

The driver will not give you change, so make sure you use them only as part payment for a journey (if your journey costs £3.70 you will not get 30p change if you used £4 worth of vouchers).

Vouchers are only valid for journeys that start or finish within the county borders of Suffolk and can't be used on conventional transport such as buses and trains.

Unfortunately, the vouchers can't be used after the expiry date.

You must notify the us immediately so that they can be cancelled in our records.

Replacement vouchers will be issued at our discretion.

Please note that a replacement fee may be applicable.

Contact our free travel bus pass information line on 0345 6000659 or download our leaflet here (PDF, 337KB)

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