Chatty Bus Returns

Go East Anglia, in partnership with Mind mental health charities, is proud to announce the return of its Travelling Chatty Bus across Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex. This initiative coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week and aims to promote positive mental health through social interaction.

The Chatty Bus event will take place on Wednesday, 15th May, across various bus routes in the region. Chatty Bus Champions from Go East Anglia and Mind charities will engage passengers in conversations to highlight the importance of social contact for mental wellbeing.

Key Points:

  • Event Details: The Travelling Chatty Bus will operate on 15th May, offering conversations and companionship to passengers.
  • Collaboration: Konectbus and Hedingham and Chambers are collaborating with Mind charities in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex to bring this initiative to life.
  • Mission: The Chatty Bus initiative aims to combat loneliness and promote positive mental health through social connections during bus journeys.
  • Theme of Awareness Week: This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week theme is ‘Movement,’ emphasizing the role of physical activity and social interactions in supporting mental health.
  • Testimonials: Representatives from Mind charities and Go East Anglia express enthusiasm and support for the Chatty Bus project.

The Travelling Chatty Bus presents an opportunity for passengers to engage in meaningful conversations, combat loneliness, and support positive mental health. It will operate between 10am and 3pm on designated routes, offering passengers a chance to connect and share experiences.

For more details and to get involved, visit the Konectbus and Hedingham and Chambers websites for trip schedules and information.

GoAhead press release and more info.

Last updated on 14 May 2024

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