New traffic signal policy in Suffolk

Traffic Lights

The publication of the “Bus Back Better” the national bus strategy (2021) and “Gear Change – a bold vision for cycling and walking (2020)” set out the government’s objectives to transform the way we travel.

Focusing on the movement of people over the movement of vehicles and ensuring ease and convenience to encourage cycling, walking, wheeling and bus travel.

Our signals need to be configured to reflect national and local policy. Each location will have its individual circumstances, this document provides the principles which will be followed when prioritising movement.

Recent national policy guidance includes the following three statements.

Places will be truly walkable. A travel revolution in our streets, towns and communities will have made cycling a mass form of transit. Cycling and walking will be the natural first choice for many journeys with half of all journeys in towns and cities being cycled or walked by 2030

Gear Change, 2020

The key to making buses more attractive is making them faster and more reliable.

Bus Back Better, 2021

…buses are vital to ensuring the economy meets Net Zero carbon emissions and driving the green transformation. In congested areas, substantial modal shift away from the car will soon be needed if clean air targets and the Government’s broader climate goals are to be met. The only mode capable of sufficient expansion in the time available is the bus.

Bus Back Better, 2021

View the Suffolk County Council Signal Policy (PDF, 482KB)

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