Rural Transport in Suffolk 2023 results

The rural transport survey was open from 1 to 18 June 2023 to gather information from the public about their awareness of rural transport services and their experiences.

Connecting Communities Vehicle

There were 13 questions relating to services and 5 demographic questions. Some questions had options for more than one response. There were 292 responses. All questions could be skipped.

A message from Timothy Stephenson, Head of Passenger Transport:

I am pleased to be able to share the results of a recent survey with you. The Connecting Communities contract plays a vital role in offering travel options in a rural County like Suffolk where a traditional (timetabled) service bus may not be suitable because of the travellers need or disability.

Connecting Communities can also compliment traditional bus services by providing Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) links and by doing that, they can help bring isolated communities closer to the services people need.

Any feedback is always useful and we are grateful to those who took part in the survey. Your comments have helped shape the requirements for the new Connecting Communities contract.

Download the survey results (PDF 239KB)

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