If you have a free travel bus pass that is due to expire on 31st March 2019 and it has not been used between 31st January 2018 and 31st January 2019, your pass will not be automatically renewed. If you wish to receive a new pass please complete the form below.

Your new pass will be printed with the same name and photograph that is on your current pass. It will be sent to the same address as the last pass that was issued. If you wish to change any of these details please do not complete this form and contact our information line on 0345 600 0659.

Please note: you will only be able to submit your form if the card number and date of birth entered matches with our data, if you have used your pass within the last 12 months you will automatically receive a new pass and will be unable to complete this form.

Fields marked with a * are required.

This is the 18 digit number which can be found on the front of your card.