If you are eligible for transport funded by Suffolk County Council, you can apply for a cycle allowance of £70 per term (£210pa) or you can request to have the annual amount as a lump sum if you need to purchase a bike (proof of purchase will be required).

If you have already received a bus pass for use in September 2021 you are eligible to apply for a cycle allowance for September 2022 if you complete the free Bikeability Level 3 training. Please ensure you check you eligibility for school travel before applying for Bikeability and the cycle allowance.

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Please note: it takes 20 -25 minutes to cycle 3 miles but this will vary with location, congestion and fitness of your child.

It is the parent’s responsibility to consider the route to be cycled and be satisfied that their child can cycle safely
It is the parent’s responsibility to provide their child with a road worthy bicycle with lights
A replacement cycle allowance or bus pass will not be issued in the event of theft or loss of the bicycle
The allowance is for the whole school year (September to July) and cannot be traded in for a bus pass
No other help with travel will be provided and will be responsible for ensuring my child gets to school when it rains/snows
£70 per term
A lump sum of £210 to purchase a bike (Proof of purchase will be required)

Before a payment is made, if you have been issued with a bus pass you must return it to:
Passenger Transport Unit
Suffolk County Council
Constantine House
5 Constantine Road