The first step in finding out how to travel to and from school/college is to plan a journey with public transport by using our Post-16 journey planner.

All you need to do is find the school or college you're attending or plan to attend, put in your home postcode and select a date and time that would be practical for a normal study day. The planner will then find the most efficient route for your journey.

If you can't find a practical public transport route from where you live, you might want to check what other options are available for Post-16 transport.

Plan my journey

The following criteria must be met to qualify for the subsidised Post-16 travel offer
  • Live over 3 miles from your nearest suitable provision (college or sixth form)*
  • Live in Suffolk
  • Are studying a full time course (min. 12 hours a week )
  • Started your course before your 19th birthday
  • Are studying a course that is only available at a facility that is not your nearest.

*This can be different to the Transport Priority AreaCloseArea in which free transport is offered to a particular school. In most cases this follows the catchment area used by Admissions but for locations close to a free school, this does not always follow the catchment area used by Admissions.. The full Post-16 policy is available to download here:Post 16 Policy Statement 2018/2019(PDF 228 KB)

There is a cost for this transport from September 2018 of £660 per annum which is payable in instalments.

Applicants should check whether a cheaper fare or season ticket is available from a local public transport provider.

Find out if your child is eligible under the Post-16 travel policy

Check eligibility and apply

If your child is aged 16 to 19 years old and not entitled to post 16 travel, there are other options available.

Endeavour Card

A free discount card for 16-19 year olds

With a cashless Endeavour Card you can get at least 25% discount off full price adult fares on participating bus services.

Bus operators own schemes

First Buses annual Endeavour ticket

The First Endeavour Annual tickets allow anyone between the ages of 16-19 who has a Endeavour Card to purchase an annual ticket, but pay for it in monthly instalments.

Many bus operators offer discounted fares and season tickets for young people, to find out current schemes on offer please check with the bus company that operates your bus service.

Contact details for bus companies operating in Suffolk

Connecting Communities

Find out about Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities is a transport service provided by Suffolk County Council designed to help people travel around the county of Suffolk who might not have access to a regular bus service. The Endeavour Card is also accepted on all Connecting Communities services (see Endeavour Card information above).

School/college's own transport

Check with the school you are/are going to be attending to find out if they offer any of their own travel schemes 

Spare seats

What is spare seats transport?

If there are spare seats on a school busCloseThis is a vehicle wholly contracted for eligible students; this does not apply to public services, we make them available to families living on the route who don't qualify for free home to school or post 16 travel.

How much does it cost?

From 1 September 2018 the cost for spare seats transport will be:

  • £220 per seat per term for a student living under 3 miles between their home to school or post 16 education centre.
  • £240 per seat per term for a student living over 3 miles between their home to school or post 16 education centre.

There is no exemption to this cost for families on low income.

Please note: The cost from September 2019 will be £750 per annum.  The termly charge will be £250 per child per seat.  Each year the cost of a spare seat will rise by £90 per annum (£30 per term) until it reaches the average cost of a spare seat (which in May 2018 was £966) when the yearly increase will revert to £10 per term (£30 per year).

Applicants should check whether a cheaper fare or season ticket is available from a local public transport provider.

How do I apply for spare seats transport?

You will need to complete an application form to see if we can offer you transport assistance under our spare seats transport scheme.

This can be done by either:

To travel on home to school/college transport, all users are required to have a travel pass which includes a colour photograph (regardless of age or entitlement).

Who can get one

You should only complete a photo application form if you have received a letter from us informing you of either:

  • free entitlement to home to school transport
  • confirmation that a place is available on discretionaryCloseAny help with travel from home to school or college that is not required by Law transport

Students with special education needs don't need to submit a photo form if the journey to school/college will be made solely on a special needs taxi or minibus. You only need to submit the photo form if any public transport or school/college bus service is involved. The letter confirming your transport will advise you of this.

Submit photo

Receiving your pass

Once your form has been completed and payment (where applicable) has been received, the travel pass will be issued.

This can take up to 10 working days.

When you complete your photo application form online you will be sent an email advising when the card has been sent to print.

Using your pass

Our policy requires students to hold a valid travel pass which incorporates a photograph to show the bus driver that you are entitled to travel.