Please select your school busCloseThis is a vehicle wholly contracted for eligible students; this does not apply to public services route from the list below.

BH99A Blythburgh - Wenhaston - Halesworth - Bungay High School
BH99H Halesworth - Bungay High School/Sixth Form
BH210 Linstead Parva - Heveningham - Bramfield Primary School
BH211 Halesworth - Bramfield Primary School
BH213 Redisham - Ilketshall St lawrence
BH215 Rumburgh - All Saints - Ilketshall St Lawrence
BH216 Walberswick - Blythburgh - Wenhaston Primary School
BH218 Rumburgh - Halesworth, Edgar Sewter Primary School
BH266 Redisham - Bungay High School/Bungay Primary School
BH267 Linstead - Chediston - Bungay High School - Bungay Primary School
BH268 Rumburgh - Spexhall - Ilketshall St Lawrence - Bungay High School
BH269 Halesworth - Wissett - Bungay High School
BH270 Ubbeston Green - Heveningham - Walpole - Halesworth Bungay High School
BH271 Bramfield - Halesworth - Bungay High School
BH273 Westhall - Holton - Ilketshall St Lawrence School - Bungay High School