Please select your school busCloseThis is a vehicle wholly contracted for eligible students; this does not apply to public services route from the list below.

HL014 Bury St Edmunds - Chedburgh - Stradishall - Samuel Ward Academy
HL018 Bus Station - Baythorne - Clare
HL025 Poslingford - Haverhill
HL351 Cowlinge - Haverhill - Samuel Ward Academy
HL352 Newmarket - Samuel Ward Academy - Churchill Free School
HL353 Ousden - Lidgate - Samuel Ward Academy
HL956 Cowlinge - Wickhambrook - Stradishall - Hundon Primary
HL960 Haverhill - Withersfield - Great Wratting - Thurlow Primary School
HL961 Stradishall - Wickhambrook Primary
HL962 Stansfield - Denston - Wickhambrook PS
HL963 Chedburgh - Wickambrook Primary School
HL966 Clare - Kedington - Samuel Ward Academy - Castle Manor Upper School
HL968 Wickhambrook - Stour Valley School (HL973 operates as an additional journey from Wickhambrook only)
HL969 Denston - Stansfield  - Stour Valley High School - Clare Primary School
HL971 Kedington - Clare - Stour Valley High School
HL972 Hundon- Stour Valley High School
HL973 Wickhambrook - Stour Valley High School
HL977 Haverhill - Wixoe - Stoke by Clare - Clare Primary School