Please select your school busCloseThis is a vehicle wholly contracted for eligible students; this does not apply to public services route from the list below.

SB384 Woolpit - Haughley - Stowupland High School
SB387 Combs Ford - Stowupland High School
SB405 Great Bricett - Ringshall - Combs - Stowmarket High School
SB406 Wattisham Base - Ringshall Primary School
SB407 Barking - Ringshall Primary School
SB408 Wattisham Base - Ringshall Primary School
SB410 Wattisham Base - Ringshall Primary School
SB412 Hitcham - Buxhall - Stowmarket High School
SB413 Battisford - Combs Ford Primary School - Trinity Primary School
SB415 Rickinghall - Wyverstone - Stowmarket High School - Stowupland High School - Haughley Crawford Primary School
SB421 Wetheringsett - Stowmarket High School
SB426 Thorpe Morieux - Stowmarket High
SB427 Wetherden - Haughley Crawfords Primary - Stowupland High School
SB428 Wyverstone - Haughley Crawfords Primary - Stowupland High School / Stowupland Freeman Primary - Earl Stonham
SB429 Cotton - Stowupland High - Stowmarket High - Haughley Crawfords
SB431 Thwaite - Stowmarket Railway Station
SB432 Stowupland Bus
SB436 Badwell Ash - Great Ashfield - Bacton Primary School
SB437 Rob Hall Corner - Finningham - Bacton Primary Schoool
SB446 Rob Hall Corner - Wyverstone - Stowupland High School
SB447 Cotton - Bacton - Stowupland High School
SB448 Mendlesham - Stowupland High School
SB452 Little Stonham - Earl Stonham
SB453 Beacon Hill - Earl Stonham - Stowupland Freeman Primary School - Stowupland High School
SB454 Needham Market - Stowmarket
SB457 Bacton - Haughley - Stowupland High School
SB462 Battisford - Stowupland High School
SB463 Rougham - Stowmarket High - Chilton Primary - Stowupland High School
SB464 Great Blakenham - Needham Market - Badley - Stowmarket High School
SB465 Willisham - Barking - Needham Market - Stowmarket High School
SB950 Trinity Primary School - Cedars Park - Cedars Rise
SB951 Onehouse - Wood Ley Primary - Trinity Primary - Chilton Primary
SB952 Onehouse - Stowmarket High
SB987 Needham Market - Stowupland High School