Spare seats

We are pleased to let you know that the spare seat application process for spare seats for the academic year 2024/25 are open. However, there are fewer seats available than in previous years and we will sell these on a first come first served basis.

Parents of children who are not eligible for SCC funded school travel, may wish to buy a spare seat for their child to travel to and from school on a vehicle that SCC has arranged specifically for children eligible for SCC funded school travel.

We cannot guarantee that a spare seat will continue to be available as this will depend on the number of seats needed for children who are eligible for SCC funded school travel. We re-assess school travel capacity every school term. However, this may mean that we have to withdraw the offer of a spare seat if more children become eligible for SCC funded school travel.

We are unable to offer spare seats on the following services as the vehicles are non compliant with Public Service Vehicle Access Regulations (PSVAR):


Download and view a complete list of all our school bus timetables

Apply for a spare seat (if you require support to complete the online form you can call us on 0345 606 6173)

Further guidance on applying for a spare seat if you are not eligible for Suffolk County Council funded school travel.

If we are unable to offer a spare seat, parents should contact the operator directly for the price of seats on any commercially operated public transport routes, or routes run by schools as these may be cheaper, to ensure that families are receiving the best value. Contact details for bus companies operating in Suffolk.

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