The National Bus Strategy

The aim of the National Bus Strategy – Bus Back Better (GOV.UK) is to:

  • rejuvenate local bus services and make them more attractive for passengers
  • make bus services cheaper, easier to understand and use, faster and more reliable, and greener.

It’s acknowledged (in the strategy) that there has been a decades-long decline in bus patronage nationally.

The bus strategy is the most significant change for bus services outside London since the 1986 bus de-regulation. Through the delivery of a statutory partnership, the strategy places emphasis on partnership working to define bus networks, service levels and fare strategies.

Increasing the use of sustainable transport, and encouraging the shift to zero emission vehicles, is key to delivering carbon reduction from transport related emissions in Suffolk. This will include decreasing the need to use cars, as well as moving to low and zero emission fuels for public transport vehicles.

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