Information on current tender opportunities in Suffolk, current local bus and CYP contract prices and a summary of recent tender results.

With effect from Monday 4th June, 2018 our process for issuing tenders is changing.

All tenders for the provision of passenger transport services are advertised on the Suffolk Sourcing website.

Only those contractors who have registered on Suffolk Sourcing and have successfully completed the application to participate in the Passenger Transport Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) will receive notifications of tender opportunities

Both parts of this requirement can be completed by visiting

For further information on working with Suffolk County Council Passenger Transport please see the web page “How do I become a transport supplier” at this link

To view a full list of all contracts held by passenger transport, download one of the following documents.

Data accurate as of 16th January 2019

Please note:

Contracts have been sorted into alphanumeric order.

To establish tender opportunities the following information is also provided:

  • contracts with the prefix CON indicate a contract for a local bus service (as defined by the 1985 Transport Act and subsequent amendments)
  • contracts with the prefix MS indicate a contract for specialised transport usually operated by smaller vehicles
  • contracts with a prefix starting AI indicate a contract for Adult specialised transport usually operated by smaller vehicles
  • all other contracts are home to school services operated by various vehicle sizes. A key to the prefixes can be found here

To establish contracts for any particular location use the ctrl+F function in windows and enter the location you are interested in.

Results of tenders for local bus services in Suffolk can be found in this section.

There can be a short delay between the announcement of a tender result and the publication of these details.

To find the result of a particular tender;

  • select the month below in which the deadline for submission of the tender was
  • the results are shown in alpha numeric order

If you would like to see the results of a tender that took place earlier than those listed below, please email providing the tender/contract number and the approximate closing date of that tender. We will then provide you with the results of that tender.

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Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG)

This grant was previously administered exclusively by Department for Transport (DfT) and is intended to reimburse operators of local bus services for an element of the duty paid for fuel used to operate the services.

Since January 2014 however responsibility for payments on local bus services supported by local authorities has been devolved and a sum equivalent to the final payments made by DfT in the year previous to January 2014 is now made annually to Suffolk County Council (SCC).

Conditions placedCloseThe child has been placed at a school by a Local Authority Officer; this includes a placement at the nearest suitable school with places available if none of you preferences can be met or to a special school or specialist unit on the grounds of special educational needs. upon the grant by DfT state that it may only be used to support local bus services (including Community Transport) and for the provision of infrastructure that support such services.

Since January 2014 SCC has used this funding to support local bus services in the following ways –

  1. Paying to operators the grant that can no longer be claimed from DfT on existing supported services. Operators were asked for previous submissions and these were cross referenced with data supplied by DfT. Invoices for BSOG are submitted separately from invoice costs. This is paid on the basis that the operator should be “no better off and no worse off”
  2. Paying BSOG on supported services that have been secured since this date in the form of new contracts, bidders are required to submit BSOG sums separately within their tender and to claim separately.
  3. A limited number of services are now funded in their entirety by the grant, these are mostly in rural locations or at times of the day when we SCC could not normally fund services.
  4. The provision of infrastructure within Suffolk including Real Time Passenger Information (RTPICloseReal time passenger information also sometimes referred to as ‘live departure times’) screens, promotional materials for Connecting Communities services and a number of small projects.

Payments to operators made by SCC since the grant was devolved until March 2018 can be found on this spreadsheet (Excel XLS, 662KB)

Commissioning policy and intentions

In all cases where there are changes to policy or to local transport needs then contracts may be amended, cancelled or issued and as such there is no guarantee that existing contracts will be issued in their current form if at all.

The list of contracts therefore are commissioning intentions only. Over the course of the year, our intentions may change and other activity may come on-stream.

Suffolk Passenger Transport commissions services in three basic categories and our commissioning intentions are as follows:

Registered local bus services

Tenders will be issued in response to changes in commercial provision where there is a requirement identified for a replacement service.

Current contracts will be assessed as to their performance and where this is satisfactory invitations to tender will be issued for similar provision.

Home to school services

Passenger transport provides transport for eligible students (under prevailing Council policies) to educational centres.

Transport is reviewed on an annual basis with new contracts usually commencing at the start of the academic year (September).

The review will take into account the location of students attending each centre, current policy and student numbers.

Vehicle sizes and routes are therefore subject to change

Specialised transport services

Passenger transport provides access for young people and adults to specialised provision as it is required.

Such provision is subject to short notice change meaning that contracts may end before the date stated and new contracts may be issued.

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