Cycle Allowance Pilot for 2021-23

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The pilot cycle allowance was first offered for the school year starting September 2021 and has now been extended so is on offer for September 2022 and 2023. This has been inspired by the Government guidance to parents during the Covid 19 pandemic encouraging walking and cycling to school where possible, that can lead to long term health, well being and environmental benefits.

The cycle allowance is £70 per term or £210 lump payment if you need to buy a bike. (Proof of purchase will be required).*

*For a pupil with Special Educational Needs or Disability who passes Bikeability Level 3 training, a higher amount will be considered to purchase a specialist bicycle if one is required to meet their needs.

Apply if your child is:

  • A Suffolk resident, 11 -16 years old, eligible for travel funded by Suffolk County Council. If you do not already have a funded bus pass you will need to check if you can apply for Suffolk County school travel.
  • Prepared to complete Bikeabiity level 3 training. This is free and if you already have a bus pass apply for training now at
    • Fully qualified instructors will check the safety of the route to school and give you advice on how to cycle safely thought junctions etc. If the instructor considers the route is not safe to cycle you will not be able to successfully apply for a cycle allowance.
    • If you complete your Bikeability training before March 2022 your cycle allowance application can be approved quickly. A cycle allowance will not be approved if you have not completed Bikeability training.
  • You are prepared to accept the terms of the scheme
    • You must be satisfied that your child can cycle safely to school
    • You can provide a roadworthy bicycle
    • You will be responsible for ensuring your child gets to school in inclement weather, you will get no other help with funded school travel
    • You will not get a school travel pass
    • A replacement cycle allowance or school travel pass will not be issued in the event of theft or loss of the bicycle
    • You determine how the cycle allowance is spent – new bike, maintenance or reward (Proof of purchase required only for new bike)
    • You must sign up for the whole year starting in September
    • Apply between March and May 2022

Interested? What next?

  • Check you are eligible for travel funded by Suffolk County Council
  • Apply for Bikeability Level 3 training by emailing
  • Complete the Bikeability training and if your route is deemed safe
  • Apply March 2022 for funded school travel as usual
  • Complete the separate form requesting the cycle allowance at the same time -this will ask if you want the full amount of £210 paid in one instalment so you can buy a new bike.
  • You will be notified of your success by email and bank details requested

If you are starting a new secondary school in September 2021 you cannot apply for Bikeability Level 3 training until you have  a place confirmed at a named school. Please note Bikeability training carried out at primary school is a lower level and will not give you eligibility for the cycle allowance.

Pilot scheme review

The scheme will be reviewed in 2023 and consultation will follow if it is agreed that the cycle allowance should be added to the School travel policy as an alternative to a school bus pass.



Cycle Allowance Poster

Cycle allowance poster (PDF 3.2MB)


We have created printer friendly cycle maps showing cycle routes in and around 13 of the largest towns of Suffolk.

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