Lowestoft walking routes

Explore different walking routes around Lowestoft and discover the benefits of taking regular walks.

Google Maps is a really useful tool that can help you design a walking route. It makes designing a route from start to finish very simple.

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If you only get a 30 minute lunch break, but you want to get out of the office into the fresh air, then try this 15 minute walking route.

You can burn between 72 - 84 calories depending on your speed

  • 12 minutes (fast pace)
  • 16 minutes (medium pace)
  • 24 minutes (slow pace)

View this 15 minute walking route on walkit.com

This walking route in Lowestoft will take approximately 30 minutes. Great for lunch times if you work in the town centre and want some fresh sea air.

This 1.6 mile walk will help you burn between 149 - 173 calories

This walk takes

  • 25 minutes (fast pace)
  • 33 minutes (medium pace)
  • 50 minutes (slow pace)

View this 30 minute walking route on walkit.com

If you have an hour lunch break, then why not get out of the office and take a 45 minute circular walk. Use the example below or go on to www.walkit.com and create your own!

You can burn between 243 - 282 calories, depending on how fast you walk

  • 42 minutes (fast pace)
  • 56 minutes (medium pace)
  • 1h 24 minutes (slow pace)

View this 45 minute walking route on walkit.com

Take a look at map my walk where you can choose from a range of different walking routes in Lowestoft.

You can choose the length of walk you prefer and the style is also specified.

What are the benefits of taking regular walks?

We're advised to walk 10,000 steps per day, and a lot of us who are sat at their desks and drive to work barely cover 5000.

So just walking to work, or part of the way there if you're unable to do the full journey, will increase your daily recommended steps and improve your fitness.

Or you could even try and get a walking group together in your workplace. Either before work or during a lunch break.

A 20 minute brisk walk will give you time away from your desk and help to get you re-energised for the afternoon.

The benefits of walking include:

  • It promotes heart health Walk has tremendous benefits for the heart, as well as lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar and lowering cholesterol
  • It improves brain function Walking improves concentration, attention span and focus
  • It can ease depression Endorphins are released when walking
  • It improves bone health Weight bearing exercises (such as walking) are brilliant for the body, and are one of the ways to improve bone health
  • It burns calories A 10 minute brisk walk can burn 50 calories!
  • It helps you breathe easier Regular walking increases lung capacity which makes it easier to breathe
  • It can increase mindfulness Walking helps with awareness and to clear the mind
  • It can improve balance Our foot and legs strengthen while walking, and this makes up the foundation of improvement of our balance

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