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Fare prices

Passengers are advised to contact the relevant bus operator directly for information on tickets and fares. 
Ticket prices vary between bus operators, but in most instances single and return fares are available along with a number of special tickets which are designed to save you money on bus travel. 
The majority of bus services in Suffolk are operated on a commercial basis by private bus companies who set their own fares and tickets.


Operators that use the zonal system divide their network into zones and charge a flat fare whilst travelling within each zone. 
The cost of your journey will depend upon the number of zones crossed.

Fare stages

Some operators will charge for tickets based upon ‘fare stages’.
A particular route will be divided into a number of fare stages where each stage contains a certain number of stops.
The cost of your ticket will be calculated by the number of fare stages your journey takes you through.


Multi-trip tickets

Most bus operators offer multi-trip tickets that allow passengers to make small savings on regular fares. 
Some multi-trip tickets allow for multiple journeys within a specific area over a fixed timeframe (such as weekly tickets, monthly tickets and yearly tickets), others allow for a particular amount of journeys (such as a ten-trip ticket).

Tickets for children

Reduced fares are usually available for children aged between 5 and 15 years, just ask the bus driver when you board. 
Various operators may have different savings schemes so check with your bus operator.

Endeavour Card

Suffolk County Council offer the Endeavour Card which is aimed at young people aged between 16 and 19 years old. 
Card holders can save a minimum of 25% on adult single and return bus tickets.

Find out how to apply for an Endeavour Card.


PlusBus is a cheap travelcard that you can buy with your train ticket at any National Rail station ticket office or online. 
It gives you unlimited bus travel on participating operators services and is available in Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and Lowestoft.

Visit the PlusBus website.

Further information

View contact details for bus service operators in Suffolk.

For general enquiries please call 0345 6066171 or email

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