Bus stop suspensions

Apply for a bus stop suspension

If a company wishes to carry out utility works which will affect the setting down at bus stop(s), a bus stop suspension application must be made.

What is the cost?

In order to continue with this service, and due to ever-increasing costs to supply materials/update bus stops we have taken the difficult decision to increase our prices from the 1 April 2024. This will help us to ensure our commitment to providing the very best service to you.

Suffolk County Council will be increasing on all applications received on or after 1 April 2024 as per the table below.

Please be assured that we have made every effort to keep this increase to a minimum and will honour these prices for the foreseeable future.

Current Fees till 31 March 2024New Fees from 1 April 2024
£130 for one day£150 for one day
£150 for one day and it is a late request (within 7 days)£170 for one day and it is a late request (within 7 days)
£250 for more than one day£270 for more than one day
£270 for more than one day and it is a late request (within 7 days)£290 for more than one day and it is a late request (within 7 days)

Please note, a charge will still be made for failure to carry out the works within the agreed period unless adequate notice is given to the Passenger Transport Infrastructure team.

Late notice: Applications made within 5 working days prior to the stop suspension will incur an additional £20 charge.

When we attend a site to remove public notice(s) after the works have ended, if we find that the works are still on-going, we will charge you at the full daily rate for each additional day beyond the planned finish date.  This charge will not be applied if you have previously notified us of an over-run, but we do reserve the right to apply additional daily costs in those circumstances.

What is the charge for?

A charge is in place to help administer the stop suspension. This includes:

  • Stop suspension notices being produced and laminated then installed by our maintenance team at the affected bus stop(s), directing customers to the nearest alternative stop(s).
  • Bus stop suspension covers will be placed over existing bus stop flags during the suspension period where necessary. Stand up signage boards are still required by you.
  • Affected bus operators will be informed of the stop suspension and will be advised of alternative stopping arrangements.

Provision of temporary bus stops

There is not normally a charge for this, although we reserve the right to recover the cost of replacing temporary bus stop furniture as a result of theft up to £50 per stop. 

How to apply

Where possible, applications should be made at least two weeks in advance and must include a map (scale of 1:50,000) clearly marking the stop(s) you are applying to suspend along with proposed location of temporary stop(s) (if required). In some instances it may be safer and more convenient to direct customers to nearby permanent stops if they are within close walking distance.  

If there are issues with the online form above, you are able to complete and email an application form (PDF 332KB)

Please do not send any money with the application form, we will invoice you at the end of the process.

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