Passenger Charter

Purpose of this charter

The purpose of this charter is to improve bus services across Norfolk and Suffolk. It establishes a consistent standard for bus services to meet, regardless of bus company or county. It also aims to improve the way you can hold us to account.

It sets out the standard of service you, the passenger, can reasonably expect when you travel by bus. No matter if the bus company is big or small, commercial or council-supported – it’s the same standard for everyone.

Charter pledges

Everyone involved in bus travel can play their part in making bus services better and run smoothly.

Before you travel

  • Bus company and council websites will show this charter and information that helps you plan a journey
  • Information about service disruptions will be posted on bus company websites and apps. This information will be updated frequently, and will often be posted on social media platforms too
  • Services we say are running will run at least 99.5% of the time
  • You can track your bus and find out where it is on, or on bus company websites and apps where available

What you can expect at the bus stop:

  • A recognisable bus stop, with access to up-to-date timetable and contact information. Real-time displays at major stops.
  • An area to stand so you can board the bus easily. Where this is a problem, we will act on feedback to implement this as soon as possible.
  • A bus that shows what service it is and where it’s going
  • A bus that arrives and departs as advertised. (There may be occasional network problems causes by unavoidable factors. These could be issues like roadworks, diversions or unexpected traffic jams.)

During the journey you can expect:

  • To be able to pay to travel by contactless, mobile apps or smartcards – not just cash
  • A range of value-for-money tickets that are easy to understand and buy
  • Buses that are:
    • Comfortable
    • Accessible, with a standard wheelchair space
    • Cleaned inside (at least) daily
  • Professional bus drivers who offer good customer service and assistance to passengers

What you can expect beyond your journey:

  • A clear, consistent process for complaints, feedback and praise – with a timely resolution
  • Bus companies and councils working together to improve your bus services by:
    • Improvement plans
    • Thinking of the needs of passengers and the travel market
    • Consulting you on and informing you of major changes
  • Bus companies and councils working together to comply with this customer charter

How you can make a difference too:

  • Respect bus drivers and their requests, other staff and fellow passengers
  • Report damage to buses, bus stops or bus shelters to help us know what we need to fix
  • Clearly signal to the bus driver that you want to board, and have your pass, ticket or payment ready as you board
  • Keep your bus clean – keep feet off seats and take litter home
  • Allow wheelchair users to use the dedicated wheelchair space
  • Sit where possible – don’t stand at the front of the bus, blocking others
  • Ring the bell in advance when you want to get off. Stay seated or hold onto the handrail while the vehicle is moving

Who has signed up to this charter

The following councils and companies have approved this charter. They will endeavour to meet or exceed the charter pledges.

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