Martlesham Park & Cycle locker application

For those that wish to Park and Cycle from the Martlesham Park & Ride into Ipswich, Suffolk County Council are offering free parking and free use of bike lockers if you wish to store your bike securely overnight so you don’t have to bring your bike with you on each trip. If it rains you always have the option to pay to use the park & ride bus if you want to.

Once you have agreed to the terms below and signed this form, we will allocate you a cycle locker and give you the lock combination number.

Cycle lockers are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Cycle lockers are for personal use only.
  2. Lockers are only to be used to store a cycle and cycling related items eg: helmet, lights, and wet weather clothing.
  3. Cycles and cycle related items may be left overnight and at weekends.
  4. Cycles can access the parking and the lockers 24 hours a day. Note: cars can enter the car park from 7am and exit any time.
  5. A locker may only be used by the person it has been assigned to.
  6. If a locker is no longer required, you must empty it and inform us at
  7. You are allocated a locker for 3 months from the date of signature of this agreement. Depending on demand you may be able to extend but you will need to reapply. If a locker is not emptied 1 month after the expiry date, we reserve the right to give the contents to a charity and we will change the combination of the lock.
  8. Lockers and combination locks must not be swapped or passed on to others.
  9. You may not use your own lock. Any unauthorised lock may be removed without notice and destroyed.
  10. Lockers should not be personalised or adapted, inside or out with graffiti, stickers, shelving etc.
  11. Suffolk County Council reserves the right to allow Vertas (its authorised site maintenance provider) to inspect the contents under the following circumstances:
    1. To ensure the locker is being used for the intended purpose
    2. To attempt to locate lost or stolen material
    3. In relation to a criminal investigation
    4. If there is a bomb threat
  12. Suffolk County Council does not take any responsibility for the contents of a locker or any losses from it. We recommend you insure your bike and cycling equipment.
  13. You must let us know if your contact details change so we can contact you in the event of an emergency or issues about your locker. Contact

I agree to abide by the conditions above:

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