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Guidance to ensure transport is safe for all users

ID Badges

If you are a passenger assistant or PSVClosePublic Service Vehicle driver and have received clearance to work on Suffolk County Council transport contracts, you will need to apply for an ID badge.

You will need to supply a passport-sized colour photograph for your badge. If a photograph is not supplied a badge can't be issued. Also if the image is not suitable we won't be able to process your application.

The photograph must be a colour ID approved photo and good quality.

ID badge photo guidance (PDF, 276KB)

Once processed, your badge will be sent to Suffolk County Council Passenger Transport for approval who will then issue the badge to your employer.

Apply for an ID badge

ID badges will not be sent out and clearance will not be given to work on Suffolk County Council contracts until we have received notification of a clear DBSCloseDisclosure and Barring Service check.

Safeguarding Course

Bus & Taxi Companies

What contracts do Suffolk County Council Passenger Transport offer?

Suffolk County Council Passenger Transport works as an integrated transport unit and, in addition to its responsibilities under the Transport Acts, it is commissioned by two other directorates i.e. Adult and Community Services (ACS) and Children and Young People (CYP).

Passenger Transport offers contracts for -

  • Registered Local Bus Services
    Tenders will be issued in response to changes in commercial provision where there is a requirement identified for a replacement service.
    Current contracts will be assessed as to their performance and where this is satisfactory invitations to tender will be issued for similar provision.
  • Home to School transport
    Passenger transport provides transport for eligible students (under prevailing Council policies) to educational centres.
    Transport is reviewed on an annual basis with new contracts usually commencing at the start of the academic year (September).
    The review will take into account the location of students attending each centre, current policy and student numbers.
    Vehicle sizes and routes are therefore subject to change
  • Specialised student transport (also known as SENDCloseSpecial Educational Needs and Disabilities/Special needs)
    Passenger transport provides access for young people and adults to specialised provision as it is required.
    Such provision is subject to short notice change meaning that contracts may end before the date stated and new contracts may be issued.
  • Specialised adult transport
  • Demand led rural transport

Vehicles sizes range from double deck buses to small saloon cars and will be determined by the needs identified.

Becoming a transport supplier

Step 1. Register

Step 2. You need to visit this page and 'Express Interest' and complete the form to become approved

Step 3. If approved, you will become an approved supplier and will be able to tender for work

Step 4. Search our current tenders

Results of tenders

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABE02215/05/2019Lavenham - Bury St Edmunds6£50.00£110.00£50.00Sudbury Town TaxiA
ABE02316/05/2019Barrow - Bury St Edmunds1£16.90£16.90~~F
ABE02320/05/2019Barrow - Bury St Edmunds1£16.90£16.90~~F
ABE83324/05/2019Chevington - Bury St Edmunds2£38.00£40.00£38.00Green Line Private HireA
AIP16222/05/2019Knodishall - Ipswich4£85.00£120.00£85.00Companion Cabbie Ipswich LtdA
AIP20701/05/2019Knodishall - Ipswich1£140.00£140.00£140.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
AIP61928/05/2019Otley - Ipswich3£96.00£145.00~~F
EE30110/05/2019Wortham - Eye7£33.00£180.00£33.00Able Taxis LtdA
FR54707/05/2019Laxfield - Dennington - Framlingham4£220.00£336.00£220.00Whincop CoachesA
IP43210/05/2019Nettlestead - Somersham4£40.00£125.00£40.00Unity Travel LtdA
LT17709/05/2019Lowestoft Local4£13.80£105.00£13.80Five One Taxis LtdA
ML42230/05/2019Red Lodge - Mildenhall6£147.45£349.00£165.00Mil-Ken TravelH
QBE56307/05/2019Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds5£110.00£295.00£150.00First Stop Travel East Anglia LtdE
QBE57410/05/2019Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds5£40.00£88.00£40.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QBE57521/05/2019West Row - Bury St Edmunds1£140.00£140.00£140.00First Stop Travel East Anglia LtdA
QEE00509/05/2019Bungay - Eye3£85.00£180.00£85.00Andalusia Trading Ltd t/a Road RunnersA
QHK00329/05/2019Holbrook - Braintree15£58.00£140.00£58.00BMF CarsA
QIP13502/05/2019Ipswich Local2£36.00£89.60~~F
QIP57510/05/2019Ipswich - Kesgrave6£35.00£150.00£35.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP57617/05/2019Ipswich Local1£69.50£69.50£69.50Quick Cab Services LtdA
QLT06709/05/2019Laxfield - Lowestoft4£53.76£138.80£54.60Andalusia Trading Ltd t/a Road RunnersG
QLT11016/05/2019Wrentham - Kessingland2£30.00£55.00£30.00Andalusia Trading Ltd t/a Road RunnersA
QLT14528/05/2019Lowestoft Local3£12.00£30.00£12.00Atlas Private Hire LtdA
QLT23929/05/2019Ipswich - Lowestoft15£96.50£179.00£96.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QML01709/05/2019Red Lodge - Brandon3£66.00£104.00£66.00Newtax LtdA
QML02524/05/2019Wickhambrook - Mildenhall5£66.00£280.00£66.00Newtax LtdA
QOC10401/05/2019Cavendish - Empingham9£115.00£200.00£115.00Newtax LtdA
QOC25609/05/2019Bury St Edmunds - Girton3£139.00£180.00£139.00All Day CarsA
QOC25716/05/2019Stowmarket - Clacton-on-Sea21£108.00£190.00£108.90Quick Cab Services LtdG
QOC25820/05/2019Woodbridge - Colchester12£110.00£280.00£120.00Sadek HussinG
QOC26031/05/2019Stowmarket - Colchester8£98.00£140.00£98.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QSB06307/05/2019Hadleigh - Stowmarket8£100.00£170.00£100.00Sudbury Town TaxiA
QSB06410/05/2019Cockfield - Stowmarket7£34.90£117.60£70.00Sudbury Town TaxiG
QSB06514/05/2019Fornham St Martin - Stowmarket11£49.90£2,888.00~~F
QSB06609/05/2019Ipswich - Stowmarket6£69.00£100.00£69.00Nice Travel Solutions LtdA
QSB06710/05/2019Ipswich - Stowmarket7£64.00£119.00£64.00Cabs SmartA
QSB06821/05/2019Haverhill - Stowmarket15£100.00£230.00£100.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QSC06903/05/2019Ipswich - Sudbury10£114.50£280.00£114.50Quick Cab Services LtdA
QSC07030/05/2019Bildeston - Assington10£50.00£149.00£50.00Elite Private HireA
QSC07131/05/2019East Bergholt - Assington8£60.50£104.00£60.50Sean BellA
WE89621/05/2019Hollesley - Bawdsey3£47.00£90.00£47.00M&R (Woodbridge) LtdA


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
A0120618/04/2019Hadleigh - Stowmarket5£50.00£80.00~~F
ABE12115/04/2019Rougham - Bury St Edmunds2£45.00£70.00£45.00Turners of Great BartonA
ABR00808/04/2019Bungay - Earsham1£38.00£38.00£38.00D-Way TravelA
AIP11405/04/2019Combs - Ipswich5£68.40£140.00£68.40Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
AIP11825/04/2019Ipswich Local3£33.00£36.00£33.00Unity TravelA
AIP12010/04/2019Parham - Charsfield - Woodbridge - Rushmere12£68.00£420.00£72.00Unity TravelH
AIP62023/04/2019Ipswich Local4£46.00£95.00£46.00405 Cab Co LtdA
ALT26129/04/2019Mutford - Lowestoft2£18.00£50.00£18.00Atlas Private Hire LtdA
AOC00723/04/2019Lakenheath - Reach3£77.00£260.00~~F
HH33823/04/2019Hitcham - Bildeston - Hadleigh3£175.00£340.00£175.00Bestons (Hadleigh) LimitedA
HH34022/04/2019Whatfield - Elmsett - Aldham - Hadleigh5£197.50£320.00~~F
QBE56030/04/2019Lavenham - Bury St Edmunds7£76.00£170.00£76.00P.T.S.A
QBH02517/04/2019Beccles - Halesworth6£100.00£280.00£100.00PJ Wayland's LtdA
QBH03410/04/2019Framsden - Bungay13£104.50£180.00£104.50Quick Cab Services LtdA
QIP43311/04/2019Ipswich Local7£44.00£151.33£44.00405 Cab Co LtdC
QIP44516/04/2019Ipswich Local2£44.50£58.00~~F
QIP56001/04/2019Felixstowe - Ipswich12£58.80£200.00£58.80Miah, Mr MA
QIP56601/04/2019Saxmundham - Ipswich2£143.00£600.00~~F
QIP56601/04/2019Saxmundham - Ipswich1£210.00£210.00£210.00Albany TravelA
QIP57323/04/2019Stratford St Mary - Ipswich8£48.00£110.00£48.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP57426/04/2019Ipswich Local3£28.00£42.50£28.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QLT23810/04/2019Walberswick - Lowestoft5£90.00£300.00£90.00Atlas Private Hire LtdA
QNT00412/04/2019Mildenhall - Newmarket5£40.00£135.84£40.00Newtax LtdA
QOC03410/04/2019Clopton - Beccles8£145.00£256.00£145.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QOC11703/04/2019Belton - Loddon6£68.00£195.00~~F
QOC25312/04/2019Beccles - Banham13£90.00£190.40£90.00TKO CarsA
QOC25411/04/2019Mildenhall - Cottenham5£88.00£170.00£88.00Newtax LtdA
QOC25525/04/2019Ipswich - Hermitage6£259.00£398.00£259.00Serkan AksakalA
QSB05725/04/2019Wymondham - Stowmarket12£109.00£190.00£109.00Honar KadrA
QSB05910/04/2019Capel St Mary - Stowmarket13£67.76£160.00£67.76Kellys CabsA
QSB06025/04/2019Ipswich - Stowmarket9£82.00£174.00£82.00Hunterexpress LtdA
QSB06125/04/2019Ipswich - Stowmarket7£99.00£168.00£99.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QSB06226/04/2019Bury St Edmunds - Stowmarket11£60.00£170.00£60.00P.T.S.A
QSC06326/04/2019Ipswich - Sudbury1£280.00£280.00~~F


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABE40401/03/2019Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds3£62.00£99.00£66.00Newtax LtdA
ABE83228/03/2019Bury St Edmunds Local1£30.00£30.00£30.00First Stop Travel East AngliaA
ABR01228/03/2019Lowestoft - Beccles3£21.60£27.00£21.60Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
AIP11820/03/2019Ipswich Local3£60.00£66.80~~F
AIP11922/03/2019Ipswich Local1£26.00£26.00£26.00Cabs SmartA
AIP16114/03/2019Ipswich Local6£24.00£70.00£24.00Cabs SmartA
AIP16218/03/2019Knodishall - Ipswich4£85.00£120.00£85.00Companion Cabbie Ipswich LtdA
AIP61925/03/2019Ipswich Local3£24.00£26.00~~F
ASC20412/03/2019Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds/Stowmarket3£70.00£144.00£70.00BMF CarsA
EH62815/03/2019Capel St Mary - East Bergholt6£30.00£100.00£30.00Sean BellA
HH31413/03/2019Monks Eleigh - Lindsey - Kersey - Hadleigh4£232.00£329.00£275.00Beestons (Hadleigh) LimitedE
IP42129/03/2019Capel St Mary - Ipswich5£44.00£69.00£44.00Cabs SmartA
IP44313/03/2019Bramford - Ipswich6£32.00£120.00£32.00Cabs SmartA
ML40729/03/2019Elveden - Mildenhall2£60.00£201.00£60.00A2B Taxis (Newmarket) LtdA
QBE55811/03/2019Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds5£87.60£280.00£87.60All Day CarsA
QBE55911/03/2019Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds14£120.00£195.00£120.00Cabs SmartA
QBE56011/03/2019Lavenham - Bury St Edmunds7£76.00£170.00£76.00P.T.S.A
QBE56111/03/2019Ixworth - Bury St Edmunds2£80.00£98.00£80.00First Stop Travel East AngliaA
QBE56307/03/2019Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds5£110.00£395.00£187.50Quick Cab Services LtdE
QBE56407/03/2019Beck Row - Bury St Edmunds3£62.60£275.00£90.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdG
QBE56507/03/2019Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds3£78.00£160.00~~F
QBE56522/03/2019Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds4£68.00£165.00£68.00P.T.S.A
QBE56607/03/2019Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds7£110.00£324.00£110.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QBE56707/03/2019Brandon - Bury St Edmunds6£59.90£181.33£59.90All Day CarsA
QBE56807/03/2019Beck Row - Mildenhall - Worlington - Bury St Edmunds4£150.00£220.00£150.00First Stop Travel East AngliaA
QBE56907/03/2019Bures St Mary - Bury St Edmunds5£106.00£200.00£106.00All Day CarsA
QBE57012/03/2019West Row - Mildemhall - Bury St Edmunds6£112.00£200.00£112.0024x7 LtdA
QBE57112/03/2019Exning - Barrow - Bury St Edmunds6£106.00£4,408.00£106.0024x7 LtdA
QBE57212/03/2019Great Cornard - Bury St Edmunds9£86.80£3,648.00~~F
QBE57308/03/2019Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds4£77.00£325.00£95.00Femme Cars LimitedE
QBH03722/03/2019Creeting St Peter - Bramfield3£59.90£110.00~~F
QHL01713/03/2019Glemsford - Haverhill8£55.00£133.35£55.00Star Cabs LtdA
QHL01728/03/2019Glemsford - Haverhill8£55.00£133.35£55.00Star Cabs LtdA
QHL02108/03/2019Beck Row - Mildenhall - Barrow - Haverhill5£155.00£220.00£155.00Star Cabs LtdA
QHL02208/03/2019Kesgrave - Haverhill9£110.00£219.00£110.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QHL02308/03/2019Great Cornard - Sudbury - Clare - Haverhill7£64.00£160.00£64.00BMF CarsA
QHL02408/03/2019Hepworth - Stanton - Haverhill6£135.00£170.00£135.00Star Cabs LtdA
QHL02428/03/2019Hepworth - Stanton - Haverhill6£135.00£170.00£135.00Star Cabs LtdA
QHL02508/03/2019Stratford St Mary - Hadleigh - Haverhill4£95.00£164.80£95.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QHL02608/03/2019Ipswich - Copdock - Hadleigh - Haverhill5£184.50£260.00£184.50Quick Cab Services LtdA
QHL02708/03/2019Forward Green - Stowmarket - Haverhill6£105.00£175.00£105.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QHL02808/03/2019Stowmarket - Haverhill6£175.00£243.00£175.00Star Cabs LtdA
QHL02908/03/2019Brandon - Haverhill3£133.00£180.00£133.00Star Cabs LtdA
QHL03029/03/2019Stowmarket - Haverhill10£98.00£170.33£98.00Star Cabs LtdA
QIP44113/03/2019Waldringfield - Ipswich6£69.00£145.00£69.00Nice Travel SolutionsA
QIP44914/03/2019Framlingham - Ipswich3£125.90£170.00£145.00Albany TravelG
QIP57012/03/2019Great Blakenham - Brettenham8£60.00£181.34£60.00A2B Needham MarketC
QIP57228/03/2019Ipswich Local2£19.90£54.80~~F
QLT00108/03/2019Weybread - Lowestoft11£79.00£210.00£79.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QLT00208/03/2019Gisleham - Lowestoft6£44.00£265.00£44.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT00308/03/2019Leiston - Lowestoft9£112.50£420.00£116.98Goldline LtdG
QLT15311/03/2019Blundeston - Lowestoft3£115.50£160.00£115.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT15511/03/2019Leiston - Lowestoft8£108.50£220.00£108.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT15611/03/2019Beccles - Lowestoft8£88.50£190.00£118.69Goldline LtdG
QLT15711/03/2019Beccles - Lowestoft10£93.00£194.80£119.00Goldline LtdG
QLT15811/03/2019Lowestoft Local4£73.00£149.80£73.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT20111/03/2019Wenhaston - Southwold - Lowestoft8£60.00£110.00£60.00Goldline LtdC
QLT20211/03/2019Leiston - Saxmundham - Lowestoft6£96.00£180.00£98.98Goldline LtdG
QLT20311/03/2019Lowestoft Local2£113.00£160.00£160.00Grebe Coaches LimitedE
QLT20411/03/2019Westhall - Brampton - Wrentham - Gisleham - Lowestoft7£103.00£178.00£103.00Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT20511/03/2019Walpole - Bramfield - Wangford - Lowestoft7£109.50£194.00£109.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT20611/03/2019Bungay - Lowestoft4£128.50£170.00£128.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT20711/03/2019Beccles - Worlingham - Barnby - Lowestoft2£134.00£160.00£160.00Grebe Coaches LimitedE
QLT20911/03/2019Pakefield - Lowestoft1£115.00£115.00£115.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QLT21011/03/2019Halesworth - Lowestoft8£56.00£110.00£56.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QLT21211/03/2019Lowestoft Local3£39.00£148.90£39.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT21311/03/2019Framlingham - Yoxford - Lowestoft6£118.50£180.00£118.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT21411/03/2019Leiston - Lowestoft7£109.50£217.00£109.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT21511/03/2019Great Finborough - Lowestoft5£83.50£169.50~~F
QLT21611/03/2019Blundeston - Lowestoft4£72.00£159.80£72.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT21712/03/2019Lowestoft Local4£70.00£160.00£70.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT21812/03/2019Lowestoft Local4£65.00£160.00£65.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT21912/03/2019Bungay - Beccles - Carlton Colville6£81.32£174.90~~F
QLT21919/03/2019Ditchingham - Beccles - Carlton Colville6£29.70£89.99£29.70Goldline LtdA
QLT22012/03/2019Southwold - Carlton Colville8£44.00£108.90£44.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT22112/03/2019Leiston - Carlton Colville9£63.00£270.00£63.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT22212/03/2019Framlingham - Carlton Colville11£82.00£230.00£87.00D R Fosdike LtdG
QLT22312/03/2019Saxmundham - Carlton Colville6£108.50£209.00£108.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT22412/03/2019Leiston - Saxmundham - Lowestoft9£112.00£350.00£112.00Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT22512/03/2019Beccles - Lowestoft6£45.00£225.00£45.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT22612/03/2019Halesworth - Reydon - Lowestoft5£119.00£150.00£119.00Cliff Project ManagementA
QLT22712/03/2019Lowestoft Local5£55.00£300.00£55.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT22812/03/2019Lowestoft Local1£160.00£160.00~~F
QLT22822/03/2019Lowestoft Local1£199.80£199.80£199.80Albies LtdA
QLT22912/03/2019Lowestoft Local4£140.00£160.00£140.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QLT23012/03/2019Lowestoft Local1£165.00£165.00~~F
QLT23022/03/2019Lowestoft Local1£219.80£219.80£219.80Albies LtdA
QLT23112/03/2019Lowestoft Local1£156.80£156.80£156.80Albies LtdA
QLT23212/03/2019Beccles - Lowestoft7£54.00£225.00£54.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT23718/03/2019Lowestoft - Carlton Colville3£15.00£40.00£15.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QML02111/03/2019Haughley - Mildenhall11£99.90£216.33£99.90All Day CarsA
QML02211/03/2019Exning - Mildenhall7£67.00£171.33£67.00M & L Taxis and CouriersA
QML02311/03/2019Ipswich - Mildenhall13£140.00£260.00£140.00Hunterexpress LtdA
QML02411/03/2019Haverhill - Mildenhall9£77.00£195.33£77.00Star Cabs LtdA
QNR00407/03/2019Lowestoft - Corton - Norwich6£114.50£150.00£114.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QNR00507/03/2019Lowestoft - Corton - Bungay - Norwich11£89.00£150.00£89.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QOC09008/03/2019Lowestoft - Caister-on-Sea10£66.00£150.00£87.50Cliff Project ManagementE
QOC15308/03/2019Lowestoft - Martham3£69.00£90.00£69.00Andalusia Trading Ltd T/A Roadrunner TaxisA
QOC18815/03/2019Haverhill - Thetford7£99.20£220.00£99.20All Day CarsA
QOC20911/03/2019Bury St Edmunds - Little Abington9£106.00£340.00£106.0024x7 LtdA
QOC21011/03/2019Haverhill - Little Abington5£27.00£295.00£27.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QOC21107/03/2019Carlton Colville - Banham9£133.50£198.80£133.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QOC21207/03/2019Carlton Colville - Banham9£133.50£197.90£133.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QOC21307/03/2019Harleston - Stowupland - Banham10£146.00£289.20£161.0024x7 LtdH
QOC21407/03/2019Lowestoft - Banham10£89.43£225.00£89.40Goldline LtdA
QOC21507/03/2019Brindish - Worlingworth - Banham9£94.00£145.00£97.00Goldline LtdG
QOC21607/03/2019Lowestoft - Banham11£89.43£220.00£89.43Goldline LtdA
QOC21707/03/2019Stanton - Northwold6£78.00£188.00~~F
QOC21807/03/2019Forward Green - Eye - Northwold6£115.00£145.00£115.00TKO CarsA
QOC21907/03/2019Mildenhall - Brandon - Northwold1£116.00£116.00~~F
QOC21922/03/2019Bury St Edmunds - Mildenhall - Brandon - Northwold6£110.00£380.00£110.00P.T.S.A
QOC22007/03/2019Sweffling - Northwold4£159.00£230.00~~F
QOC22107/03/2019Lowestoft - Northwold5£115.00£189.00£115.00Ross Private Hire LtdA
QOC22207/03/2019Ipswich - Northwold5£138.90£150.00£138.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QOC22408/03/2019Little Wratting - Girton7£80.00£280.00£80.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QOC22508/03/2019Mildenhall - Red Lodge - Exning - Girton6£160.00£280.00£160.00Melanie's CarsA
QOC22608/03/2019Bury St Edmunds - Barrow - Girton8£125.00£280.00£125.00Travel CarsA
QOC22708/03/2019Holbrook - Great Blakenham - Girton10£220.00£295.00£220.00Femme Cars LimitedC
QOC22808/03/2019Lowestoft - Girton13£149.50£460.00~~F
QOC22820/03/2019Lowestoft - Girton9£160.00£480.00~~F
QOC23008/03/2019Bury St Edmunds - Linton6£80.00£180.00£110.00Star Cabs LtdG
QOC23108/03/2019Haverhill - Linton1£120.00£120.00£120.00Star Cabs LtdA
QOC23208/03/2019Mildenhall - Newmarket - Linton5£100.00£200.00£100.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QOC23301/03/2019Bury St Edmunds - Empingham3£180.00£290.00£188.00405 Cab Co LtdE
QOC23412/03/2019Sudbourne - Empingham13£145.00£260.00£145.00Unity TravelA
QOC23512/03/2019Cavendish - Kedington - Empingham12£100.00£230.00£100.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QOC23612/03/2019Ipswich - Colchester9£100.00£240.00£100.00Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QOC23712/03/2019Felixstowe - Colchester9£130.00£285.00£130.00Unity TravelA
QOC23812/03/2019Hadleigh - Newton - Colchester5£134.00£156.50£134.00Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QOC23912/03/2019Mendlesham - Stowupland - Ipswich - Colchester9£152.00£265.00£152.00A2B Needham MarketA
QOC24012/03/2019Flowton - Colchester10£84.00£150.00£84.00Sean BellA
QOC24112/03/2019Ipswich - Holbrook - Brantham - Colchester9£116.00£245.00£116.00D B TravelA
QOC24212/03/2019Worlingworth - Debenham - Colchester10£150.00£285.00£150.00Femme Cars LimitedA
QOC24312/03/2019Kesgrave - Ipswich - Colchester8£132.00£250.00£132.00Cabs SmartA
QOC24412/03/2019Lakenheath - Quidenham5£90.00£181.34£90.00M & L Taxis and CouriersA
QOC24512/03/2019Lowestoft - Quidenham7£124.48£350.00£124.48Goldline LtdA
QOC24622/03/2019Haverhill - Girton5£110.00£230.35£110.00Star Cabs LtdA
QOC24722/03/2019Fornham St Martin - Thetford2£36.00£125.35~~F
QOC24826/03/2019Mildenhall - Northwold1£160.00£160.00£160.00Turners of Great BartonA
QOC25028/03/2019West Row - Knossington6£121.00£205.00£121.00Newtax LtdA
QOC25129/03/2019Newmarket - Thetford5£60.00£140.35£60.00A2B Taxis (Newmarket) LtdA
QSC04711/03/2019Haverhill - Assington10£62.00£197.33£62.00BMF CarsA
QSC04812/03/2019Haverhill - Sudbury4£75.00£170.00£120.00Star Cabs LtdG
QSC04912/03/2019Hitcham - Sudbury4£150.00£240.00~~F
QSC05012/03/2019Glemsford - Stanstead - Sudbury6£60.00£175.33£60.00Femme Cars LimitedA
QSC05112/03/2019Bury St Edmunds - Sudbury3£95.00£130.00£95.00Femme Cars LimitedA
QSC05222/03/2019Great Cornard - Sudbury1£240.00£240.00£240.00Felix Taxis & CoA
QSC05322/03/2019Great Barton - Sudbury5£175.00£250.00£175.00Turners of Great BartonA
QSC05422/03/2019Great Waldingfield - Sudbury4£160.00£170.00£160.00Felix Taxis & CoA
QSC05522/03/2019Stowmarket - Sudbury11£136.00£195.00£136.00A2B Needham MarketA
QSC05622/03/2019Ipswich - Sudbury9£146.50£210.00£146.50Quick Cab Services LtdA
QSC05722/03/2019Hadleigh - Sudbury6£145.00£210.00£145.00TravelsafeA
QSC05822/03/2019Haverhill - Sudbury4£180.00£260.00£180.00Star Cabs LtdA
QSC05922/03/2019Haverhill - Sudbury5£170.00£230.00£170.00Star Cabs LtdA
QSC06022/03/2019Kedington - Sudbury8£120.00£240.00£120.00Star Cabs LtdA
QSC06122/03/2019Barrow - Sudbury6£180.00£250.00£180.00Turners of Great BartonA
QSC06222/03/2019Wattisham - Sudbury10£125.00£190.00£129.00A2B Needham MarketE
QSC06322/03/2019Ipswich - Sudbury1£160.00£160.00£160.00TravelsafeA
QSC06622/03/2019Tuddenham - Ipswich - Sudbury9£133.50£225.00£133.50Quick Cab Services LtdA
QSC06729/03/2019Stradishall - Sudbury3£68.00£300.00£68.00Elite Private HireA
QSC06829/03/2019Ipswich - Great Cornard6£90.00£140.00£90.00Cabs SmartA
Wenhaston Shuttle14/03/2019Blythburgh - Wenhaston - Halesworth1£111.00£111.00~~F


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABE05313/02/2019Great Cornard - Nowton10£69.80£150.00~~F
ABE05320/02/2019Great Cornard - Nowton9£56.00£240.00£56.00GL CarsA
ABE07128/02/2019Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds4£130.00£300.00~~F
ABE08520/02/2019Troston - Bury St Edmunds4£34.00£228.98£60.00First Stop Travel East AngliaE
ABE30120/02/2019Lakenheath - Brandon - Bury St Edmunds12£68.40£196.98£68.40M & L Taxis and CouriersA
ABE45413/02/2019Various - Bury St Edmunds4£49.40£137.00£49.40All Day CarsA
AWE01518/02/2019Aldeburgh - Letheringham2£25.00£140.00~~F
EH63408/02/2019Bentley - East Bergholt6£20.00£66.90£28.00Easy Access TransportG
IP42926/02/2019Flowton - Burstall - Sproughton3£148.00£168.00£148.00Charlise LtdA
LS01511/02/2019Swefling - Leiston3£72.00£160.00£72.00M&R (Woodbridge) LtdA
QBE23201/02/2019Wattisfield - Ixworth3£80.00£188.00£80.00Travel CarsA
QBE55627/02/2019Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds4£80.00£398.80£80.00P.T.S.A
QBE55720/02/2019Barrow - Bury St Edmunds1£260.00£260.00£260.00Nice Travel SolutionsA
QBE56221/02/2019Barrow - Bury St Edmunds6£45.00£190.00£45.00Travel CarsA
QBR01028/02/2019Thurlton - Beccles/Lowestoft2£55.00£99.65£55.00Goldline LtdA
QDM00225/02/2019Creeting St Peter - Debenham3£68.00£120.00~~F
QFX01901/02/2019Hadleigh - Felixstowe10£110.00£180.00£110.00Cabs SmartA
QHL02022/02/2019Somerton - Haverhill5£65.00£280.00£95.00Bennett's Companion & Car ServiceE
QIP00308/02/2019Felixstowe - Ipswich5£52.00£74.80£52.00Cabs SmartA
QIP40627/02/2019Felixstowe - Ipswich12£51.00£126.00£51.00Hunterexpress LtdA
QIP42719/02/2019Stowmarket - Ipswich1£151.00£151.00~~F
QIP54219/02/2019Ipswich Local4£29.90£49.80£29.90Quick Cab Service LtdA
QIP54901/02/2019Aldeby - Ipswich10£136.00£192.40£139.90Quick Cab Service LtdG
QIP56612/02/2019Saxmundham - Ipswich3£150.00£280.00£150.00TravelsafeA
QIP56727/02/2019Ipswich Local4£90.00£160.00£90.00TravelsafeA
QIP56819/02/2019Ipswich Local1£62.00£62.00£62.00Albany TravelA
QIP56922/02/2019Flowton - Brettenham3£82.00£170.00£82.00Tony Kirby Transport LtdA
QLT13601/02/2019Lowestoft Local1£90.00£90.00£90.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT15228/02/2019Lowestoft Local5£42.50£150.00£55.00Five One Taxis LtdE
QML02421/02/2019West Row - Mildenhall2£60.00£240.00~~F
QOC20719/02/2019Wenhaston - Rainworth23£168.65£400.00£168.65Wherry TaxisA
QOC22927/02/2019Bury St Edmunds - Quidenham5£85.20£203.33£85.20Travel CarsA
QPR50127/02/2019Harwich - Bury St Edmunds10£108.00£262.50£108.00Cabs SmartA
QSB04308/02/2019Ipswich - Stowmarket5£80.00£139.90£80.00Hunterexpress LtdA
QSB05718/02/2019Wymondham - Stowmarket14£104.60£199.00£104.60Kellys CabsA
QSC04619/02/2019Framlingham - Assington13£116.60£180.00£116.60Kellys CabsA
QTN01014/02/2019Rattlesden - Ixworth3£70.00£119.50£70.00A1 Cars Suffolk LtdA
QWE06212/02/2019Rendlesham - Monk Soham3£118.70£198.00£118.70405 Cab Co LtdA


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABE07129/01/2019Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds3£88.00£190.00~~F
AHH00329/01/2019Sudbury - Hadleigh7£54.00£130.00£54.00Felix TaxisA
AHH00430/01/2019Brantham - Hadleigh4£60.00£130.00£60.00Sean BellA
AIP02317/01/2019Westerfield - Ipswich2£60.00£78.00£60.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
AIP61422/01/2019Felixstowe - Ipswich1£70.00£70.00£70.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
ALT26404/01/2019Lowestoft - Gorleston1£60.00£60.00£60.00Roadrunner TaxisA
ALT36729/01/2019Lowestoft local1£189.90£189.90~~F
CON00414/01/2019Ipswich - Felixstowe2£218.50£254.34£218.50First Eastern Counties Buses LtdA
QBE24830/01/2019Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds14£100.00£225.00£130.00Unity TravelE
QBE26124/01/2019Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds7£115.00£280.00~~F
QBE53311/01/2019Rougham - Bury St Edmunds3£35.00£65.33£35.00A1 Cars Suffolk LtdA
QBE55518/01/2019Elmswell - Riverwalk School3£95.00£180.00£95.00First Stop TravelA
QBH02611/01/2019Sotherton - Bungay2£44.00£65.00~~F
QBH03618/01/2019Fressingfield - Walpole2£99.00£129.00£99.00Goldline LtdA
QHL01909/01/2019Ipswich - Haverhill11£128.45£170.00£128.45Quick Cab Services LtdA
QIP02230/01/2019Great Cornard - Ipswich/Hintlesham8£66.00£150.00£66.00AAA Cabs LtdA
QIP27215/01/2019Bildeston - Ipswich12£58.00£150.00£58.00Tony Kirby TransportA
QIP43616/01/2019Shotley Gate - Ipswich6£57.95£120.00£57.95Quick Cab Services LtdA
QIP55317/01/2019Bury St Edmunds - Ipswich8£89.00£4,408.00£89.00Kellys CabsA
QIP56203/01/2019Ipswich Local3£36.00£90.00£36.00Cabs SmartA
QIP56304/01/2019Ipswich Local3£105.00£165.00£105.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
QIP56418/01/2019Kentford - Brettenham4£79.80£150.00£79.80All Day CarsA
QIP56518/01/2019Stratford St Mary - Ipswich4£58.00£130.00£58.00Panther Cabs (Colchester) LtdA
QLS00925/01/2019Woodbridge - Saxmundham4£44.00£88.00£44.00M&R (Woodbridge) LtdA
QLT01911/01/2019Ditchingham - Carlton Colville3£45.00£54.00£45.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT15003/01/2019Halesworth - Lowestoft7£56.00£80.00~~F
QLT15018/01/2019Saxmundham - Carlton Colville5£60.00£155.00£60.00Atlas Private Hire LtdA
QOC00917/01/2019Rougham - Empingham4£150.00£240.00£199.00Quick Cab Services LtdG
QOC14111/01/2019Blo Norton - Fakenham2£140.00£299.00£140.00Scole CabsA
QOC15115/01/2019Great Cornard - Northwold5£180.00£285.00£180.00Femme Cars LimitedA
QOC20629/01/2019Hadleigh - Newton - Colchester5£139.80£198.00£139.80Nice Travel Solutions LimitedA
QSB04729/01/2019Stanton - Stowmarket4£85.00£120.00£85.00Travel CarsA
QSB05611/01/2019Stoke-by-Nayland - Stowmarket5£90.00£129.80£90.00Arrow Taxi Services LtdA
QSC04311/01/2019Holywell Row - Great Cornard6£65.00£150.00£65.00Felix TaxisA
QSC04418/01/2019Mildenhall - Great Cornard6£77.00£175.00£77.00Newtax LtdA
QSC04529/01/2019Stowmarket - Sudbury5£84.00£126.00£84.00A2B Needham MarketA
QTN00821/01/2019Stowupland - Ixworth2£129.00£159.00£129.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QTN00925/01/2019Mildenhall - Thurston4£56.00£160.33£56.00A2B Taxis (Newmarket) LtdA
QTN01028/01/2019Rattlesden - Ixworth1£60.00£60.00~~F


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABR01118/12/2018Kelsale - Aldeby3£85.00£245.00£85.00Grebe Coaches LimitedA
AIP11719/12/2018Ipswich - Kesgrave7£14.80£30.00£14.80Britannia CabsA
ASB35124/12/2018Fressingfield - Wingfield - Syleham - Stowmarket2£143.00£159.00£159.00John's Taxis Diss LtdE
BH21518/12/2018St Nicholas South Elmham - Ilketshall St Lawrence5£114.00£200.00£114.00D R Fosdike LtdA
EE48306/12/2018Palgrave - Hoxne4£90.00£135.00~~F
QBE53103/12/2018Bury St Edmunds local1£280.00£280.00~~F
QBE53207/12/2018Little Yeldham - Bury St Edmunds3£80.00£145.00£80.00A1 Cars Suffolk LtdA
QBE53307/12/2018Diss - Bury St Edmunds2£44.00£84.00£44.00All Day CarsA
QBH00324/12/2018Ipswich - Bramfield4£59.00£70.00£59.00D R Fosdike LtdA
QBR01010/12/2018Lowestoft - Beccles2£30.00£30.00~~F
QHL01318/12/2018Glemsford - Haverhill3£40.00£90.00£40.00Pride Cars (Taxi) LtdA
QIP25919/12/2018Glemsford - Claydon5£80.00£190.00£80.00Unity TravelA
QIP45114/12/2018Brettenham - Hadleigh5£35.00£95.00£35.00Hadleigh Private Hire Cars LimitedA
QIP55707/12/2018Ipswich Local3£58.00£98.00£58.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
QIP55807/12/2018Ipswich Local4£65.00£159.80£65.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
QIP55910/12/2018Caister-on-Sea - Ipswich5£164.00£250.00£164.00Albies LtdA
QIP56024/12/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich6£65.00£87.80£65.00Unity TravelA
QLT10524/12/2018Halvergate - Oulton Broad3£98.00£180.00~~F
QLT13419/12/2018Great Finborough - Lowestoft10£70.00£200.00£70.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT14120/12/2018Lowestoft Local3£16.50£20.00£16.50Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QLT14224/12/2018Salhouse - Pakefield2£150.00£185.00£150.00Atlas Private Hire LtdA
QLT14603/12/2018Lowestoft Local1£98.90£98.90£98.90Albies LtdA
QLT14818/12/2018Lowestoft - Ipswich16£112.00£165.00£112.00Goldline LtdA
QLT14919/12/2018Halvergate - Lowestoft5£113.00£200.00£113.00Cliff Project ManagementA
QOC02420/12/2018Lowestoft - Brighton4£294.00£360.00£294.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QOC20103/12/2018Chediston - Halesworth - Norwich3£155.00£260.00£155.00Goldline LtdA
QOC20207/12/2018Great Blakenham - Cambridge17£149.00£6,538.00£149.00All Day CarsA
QOC20310/12/2018Bury St Edmunds - Northwold2£98.00£280.00£98.00P.T.S.A
QOC20418/12/2018Lowestoft - Banham2£157.49£160.00£157.49Goldline LtdA
QOC20521/12/2018Stowupland - Colchester2£78.00£153.00£78.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QSC04107/12/2018Bury St Edmunds - Sudbury3£200.00£300.00£220.00First Stop Travel East AngliaE
QSC04219/12/2018Horringer - Sudbury7£60.00£200.00£60.00Boldocks of SudburyA
QST00119/12/2018Elmswell - Stradbroke5£80.00£225.33£80.00Arrow Taxi Services LtdA
QWE03524/12/2018Lowestoft - Hollesley2£100.00£145.00£100.00Roadrunner TaxisA
WE89318/12/2018Tangham - Capel St Andrew - Woodbridge7£126.00£250.00£126.00Buckland Omnibus LtdA
WE91018/12/2018Shingle Street - Woodbridge - Kesgrave7£116.00£230.00£158.00PF TravelG


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABE12128/11/2018Stanton - Thurston4£58.00£160.00~~F
AFR00614/11/2018Saxmundham - Framlingham5£34.00£84.68£34.00A L CarsA
AHH05319/11/2018Rickinghall - Hadleigh6£73.50£300.00£73.50405 Cab Co LtdA
AIP61626/11/2018Chelmondiston - Ipswich4£46.00£98.00£46.00Cabs SmartA
ALT26522/11/2018Lowestoft Local5£59.00£290.00£59.00Cliff Project ManagementA
ALT26522/11/2018Lowestoft local5£59.00£290.00£59.00Cliff Project ManagementA
ALT36623/11/2018Lowestoft Local2£11.80£15.00£11.80Atlas Private Hire LtdA
AOC00614/11/2018Beccles - Toft Monks4£30.00£260.00£30.00Goldline LtdA
BH20619/11/2018Brampton - Wenhaston4£70.00£190.00~~F
EE32515/11/2018Yaxley - Botesdale4£90.00£491.99£95.00Warnes CarsE
HH31302/11/2018Capel St Mary - Hadleigh4£40.00£98.00£40.00Sean BellA
QBE16422/11/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds6£70.00£290.00£84.00P.T.S.G
QBE52816/11/2018Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds8£52.00£190.00£52.00All Day CarsA
QBE52927/11/2018Woolpit - Pakenham - Bury St Edmunds5£60.00£90.00£60.00Kellys CabsA
QBE53028/11/2018Yaxley - Bury St Edmunds5£118.00£189.00£118.00Arrow Taxi Services LtdA
QBH03414/11/2018Framsden - Bungay5£120.00£140.00£120.00Goldline LtdA
QBH03519/11/2018Beccles - Walpole4£65.00£260.00~~F
QBR00922/11/2018Leiston - Beccles5£79.00£142.00£80.00Atlas Private Hire LtdG
QIP54501/11/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich11£42.80£250.00£42.80Miah, Mr MA
QIP54615/11/2018Ipswich Local4£73.00£98.00£73.00Sean BellA
QIP54719/11/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich9£44.64£144.00£44.64Miah, Mr MA
QIP54820/11/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich10£47.80£150.00£47.80Miah, Mr MA
QIP54922/11/2018Lowestoft - Ipswich13£118.00£199.80£118.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QIP55027/11/2018Clacton-on-Sea - Ipswich12£88.90£155.00£88.90405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP55128/11/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich11£49.90£160.00£49.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedC
QIP55228/11/2018Rendlesham - Ipswich8£50.00£150.00£50.00Cabs SmartA
QIP55327/11/2018Bury St Edmunds - Ipswich12£80.00£140.00£80.00Kellys CabsA
QIP55530/11/2018Creeting St Mary - Ipswich4£56.00£96.00£56.00Cabs SmartA
QIP55630/11/2018Ipswich Local5£41.00£69.00£41.00Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QLT14523/11/2018Lowestoft local1£99.00£99.00~~F
QML02030/11/2018Mildenhall - Brandon3£34.50£240.00£34.50M & L Taxis and CouriersA
QOC15423/11/2018Mildenhall - Northwold1£180.00£180.00£180.00Foxy Cars Private Hire Services LtdA
QOC16922/11/2018Bury St Edmunds - Barrow - Girton4£160.00£280.00£160.00First Stop Travel East AngliaA
QOC19926/11/2018Woodbridge - Norwich6£92.10£162.00~~F
QOC19926/11/2018Wickham Market - Bungay - Norwich6£92.10£162.00£92.10Ross Private HireA
QSB05413/11/2018Stowmarket Local2£58.00£98.00£58.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QSB05527/11/2018Old Newton - Stowupland1£59.40£59.40£59.40405 Cab Co LtdA
QSB05630/11/2018Stoke-by-Nayland - Stowmarket7£75.00£129.80£90.00Sudbury Town TaxisG
QSC04123/11/2018Bury St Edmunds - Sudbury3£140.00£200.00£165.00Travelsafe LtdG
QST00115/11/2018Elmswell - Stradbroke5£80.00£225.33£80.00Arrow Taxi Services LtdA


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
A0119809/10/2018Hoxne - Witnesham4£50.00£66.00~~F
A0119911/10/2018Ipswich local3£108.00£140.00~~F
ABE15905/10/2018Great Barton - Bury St Edmunds1£60.00£60.00£60.00Travel CarsA
ABE83018/10/2018Ixworth - Bury St Edmunds3£60.00£189.00£60.00First Stop Travel East AngliaA
ABE83130/10/2018Bury St Edmunds Local1£85.00£85.00£85.00Travel CarsA
AIP03810/10/2018Ipswich Local1£55.00£55.00£55.00Albany TravelA
AIP06101/10/2018Ipswich local3£60.00£180.00£60.00Albany TravelA
AIP11616/10/2018Hadleigh - Ipswich2£88.00£90.00£88.00405 Cab Co LtdA
AIP25617/10/2018Bacton - Ipswich11£70.00£210.00£70.00Needham TaxisA
AIP61109/10/2018Ipswich Local2£32.90£57.00£32.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
AIP61419/10/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich2£91.80£110.00£91.80Miah, Mr MA
ALT04322/10/2018Corton - Lowestoft1£14.00£14.00£14.00Contract Car Services LtdA
AML11024/10/2018Bury St Edmunds - Mildenhall5£46.00£260.00£46.00M & L Taxis and CouriersA
LT10001/10/2018Gisleham - Pakefield1£280.00£280.00~~F
QBE00523/10/2018Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds2£110.00£128.80£110.00First Stop Travel East AngliaA
QBE22329/10/2018Shotley - Bury St Edmunds10£144.00£290.00£144.00P.T.S.A
QBE23802/10/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds2£148.00£150.00£150.00First Stop Travel East AngliaE
QBE23925/10/2018Hadleigh - Bury St Edmunds5£124.00£190.00£140.00First Stop Travel East AngliaE
QBE52726/10/2018Kentford - Bury St Edmunds3£45.00£180.00£45.00A1 Cars Suffolk LtdA
QBH03003/10/2018Felixstowe - Halesworth6£148.00£260.00£148.00DR Fosdike LtdA
QBH03205/10/2018Bury St Edmunds - Halesworth7£79.00£180.00£79.00All Day TaxiA
QBH03331/10/2018Lowestoft - Halesworth1£120.00£120.00£120.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QBR00810/10/2018Bungay - Beccles2£28.99£50.00£28.99Goldline LtdA
QFX01811/10/2018Ipswich - Felixstowe5£84.00£350.00£84.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdA
QIP02524/10/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich5£40.00£69.80£40.00Out & About Cars LtdA
QIP06017/10/2018Hadleigh - Ipswich3£58.20£64.90£58.20405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP53101/10/2018Ipswich local1£89.00£89.00~~F
QIP53202/10/2018Beyton - Ipswich7£75.00£180.00£75.00Kellys CabsA
QIP53302/10/2018Ipswich Local4£48.00£140.00£48.00Cabs SmartA
QIP53404/10/2018Ipswich local2£64.90£85.00~~F
QIP53504/10/2018Eye - Brettenham4£140.00£240.00£154.80Tony Kirby Transport LimitedE
QIP53610/10/2018Ipswich Local3£73.00£125.00£73.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdD
QIP53710/10/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich3£87.00£109.40£87.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdD
QIP53810/10/2018Ipswich Local3£56.00£95.00£57.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdD
QIP53910/10/2018Ipswich Local3£75.00£98.00£75.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdD
QIP54010/10/2018Ipswich Local3£53.00£80.00£53.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdD
QIP54111/10/2018Ipswich Local5£64.00£160.00£64.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP54212/10/2018Ipswich Local4£48.00£95.00£48.00Cabs SmartA
QIP54317/10/2018Bury St Edmunds - Ipswich3£127.50£140.00£127.50405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP54422/10/2018Ipswich Local2£85.00£90.00£85.00Albany TravelA
QLT13417/10/2018Great Finborough - Lowestoft5£60.00£160.00£60.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT14210/10/2018Salhouse - Pakefield4£67.00£94.00£67.00Five One Taxis LtdA
QLT14315/10/2018Beccles - Lowestoft5£40.00£280.00£40.00Rainbows TransportA
QML01802/10/2018Ipswich - Mildenhall7£148.00£260.00£148.40Kellys CabsA
QOC09522/10/2018Hadleigh - Eight Ash Green3£129.80£180.00£129.80Nice Travel Solutions LimitedA
QOC19317/10/2018Shadingfield - Norwich4£70.00£128.98£70.00Roadrunner TaxisA
QOC19424/10/2018Lowestoft - Banham6£95.00£223.98£95.00Cliff Project ManagementA
QSB05010/10/2018Bungay - Stonham Aspall2£76.67£115.83£76.67DR Fosdike LtdA
QSB05112/10/2018Eye - Stowmarket4£73.75£140.00£73.75Ross Private HireA
QSB05217/10/2018Kesgrave - Needham Market - Stowmarket4£64.10£100.00£64.10405 Cab Co LtdA
QSB05317/10/2018Wattisfield - Stowmarket2£165.00£180.00~~F
QSB05319/10/2018Wattisfield - Mendlesham - Stowmarket2£98.00£181.00£98.00A2B Needham MarketA
QSC01808/10/2018Ipswich - Sudbury4£114.00£195.00£114.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdA
QSC02829/10/2018Bury St Edmunds - Sudbury5£90.00£230.00£95.00Femme CarsG
QSC03908/10/2018Tilbury Juxta Clare - Clare3£48.00£220.00£48.00Green Line Private Hire LtdA
QWE06201/10/2018Rendlesham - Monk Soham3£80.00£88.00£80.00GDW TravelA
QWE06301/10/2018Marlesford - Otley1£66.00£66.00£66.00M and R (Woodbridge) LtdA
SC67630/10/2018Long Melford - Clare4£60.00£105.00£60.00Sudbury Town TaxisA
ST33524/10/2018Worlingworth - Stradbroke1£225.00£225.00£225.00Whincop CoachesA
WE90730/10/2018Butley - Eyke1£34.00£34.00~~F


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABE82925/09/2018Botesdale - Bury St Edmunds4£79.00£190.00£79.00Able TaxisA
ABH82805/09/2018Bury St Edmunds local1£40.00£40.00~~F
ABR00827/09/2018Halesworth - Beccles1£129.00£129.00~~F
AIP20713/09/2018Knodishall - Ipswich4£90.00£210.00£90.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
AIP61819/09/2018Ipswich local2£42.90£48.00£48.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdE
ALT26324/09/2018Beccles - Lowestoft1£80.00£80.00~~F
AML00303/09/2018Lakenheath - Mildenhall2£115.00£120.00£120.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedG
AML01517/09/2018Red Lodge - Mildenhall1£70.00£70.00£70.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedA
BE16928/09/2018Lawshall - Bury St Edmunds5£185.00£325.00£185.00Turners of Great BartonA
QBE03203/09/2018Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds2£95.00£160.00£160.00Turners of Great BartonE
QBE03303/09/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds5£120.00£137.80£120.00Cabs SmartA
QBE11221/09/2018Bury St Edmunds local2£40.00£60.00£60.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedG
QBE16104/09/2018Bury St Edmunds - Barrow2£30.00£95.00£30.00A1 Cars Suffolk LtdA
QBE23512/09/2018Needham Market - Bury St Edmunds5£87.00£165.00£88.00PTSE
QBE23606/09/2018Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds5£87.00£2,508.00£87.00A2B Needham MarketA
QBE23806/09/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds7£105.00£4,940.00£120.00Mr M MiahG
QBE24007/09/2018Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds2£150.00£2,736.00~~F
QBE24107/09/2018Whatfield - Bury St Edmunds6£59.80£4,180.00£129.80Nice Travel SolutionsE
QBE24207/09/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds13£67.80£5,472.00£86.00Adrian SanduE
QBE24307/09/2018Hadleigh - Bury St Edmunds2£150.00£217.60£150.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedA
QBE24410/09/2018Woolpit - Bury St Edmunds3£31.20£45.00£45.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedG
QBE24510/09/2018Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds2£70.00£80.00£70.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedA
QBE24610/09/2018Ringshall - Bury St Edmunds3£30.00£120.00£120.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedG
QBE24710/09/2018Brandon - Bury St Edmunds1£75.00£75.00£75.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedA
QBE24913/09/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds8£117.80£249.00£117.80Mr M MiahA
QBE25014/09/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds4£66.00£249.00£66.00PTSA
QBE25118/09/2018Hadleigh - Bury St Edmunds2£135.80£169.90£135.80405 Cab Co LtdA
QBE25218/09/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds2£145.00£220.50£145.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
QBE25318/09/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds5£52.00£2,432.00~~F
QBE25518/09/2018Red Lodge - Bury St Edmunds2£70.00£77.00~~F
QBE25618/09/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds6£139.00£180.40£139.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QBE25719/09/2018Felixstowe - Bury St Edmunds10£110.00£5,548.00£136.00M&R CarsG
QBE25819/09/2018Beck Row - Bury St Edmunds1£280.00£280.00£280.00Nice Travel SolutionsA
QBE25918/09/2018Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds3£55.00£249.00~~F
QBE51911/09/2018Wattisfield - Bury St Edmunds1£139.80£139.80£139.80Nice Travel SolutionsA
QBE52011/09/2018Depden - Woolpit3£85.00£96.00£85.00PTSE
QBE52117/09/2018Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds2£150.00£180.00£150.00Unity Travel LtdA
QBE52217/09/2018Great Cornard - Lawshall1£140.00£140.00£140.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedA
QBE52521/09/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds2£30.00£50.00£50.00NewtaxE
QBH02611/09/2018Sotherton - Beccles2£44.00£65.00~~F
QBH02711/09/2018Kessingland - Bungay2£159.95£180.00£159.95Ross Private HireA
QBH02811/09/2018Lowestoft - Bungay2£77.50£180.00£77.50Ross Private HireA
QBH02914/09/2018Bungay - Walpole1£47.00£47.00£47.00D R Fosdike LtdA
QBR00604/09/2018Beccles - Lowestoft5£30.00£67.00£40.00Atlas Private Hire LtdG
QBR00706/09/2018Felixstowe - Beccles13£116.00£200.00£116.00Roadrunner TaxisA
QBR00821/09/2018Bradwell - Beccles2£58.00£60.00~~F
QFX01426/09/2018Ipswich - Felixstowe2£99.40£180.00£180.00Nice Travel SolutionsE
QFX01610/09/2018Wickham Market - Felixstowe9£59.00£120.00£59.00Coastal DriversA
QFX01707/09/2018Woodbridge - Felixstowe3£60.00£76.00£60.00Cabs SmartA
QHL01314/09/2018Glemsford - Haverhill1£90.00£90.00£90.00Elite Private HireA
QHL01605/09/2018Great Cornard - Haverhill3£60.00£80.00£60.00Sudbury Town TaxisA
QHL01713/09/2018Glemsford - Haverhill3£60.00£90.00£60.00Sudbury Town TaxisA
QHL01824/09/2018Stowmarket - Haverhill5£118.00£180.00£118.00Sudbury Town TaxisA
QIP07221/09/2018Diss - Ipswich5£94.60£195.00£94.60405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP19217/09/2018Ipswich local3£32.00£50.00£32.00Unity Travel LtdA
QIP25918/09/2018Glemsford - Claydon5£80.00£190.00£80.00Unity Travel LtdA
QIP36314/09/2018Brandeston - Ipswich6£106.00£180.00£118.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdH
QIP36911/09/2018Creeting St Mary - Brettenham3£96.00£119.00£96.00Tony Kirby TransportA
QIP42519/09/2018Ipswich - Hollesley4£39.90£144.40£39.90Tony Kirby TransportA
QIP43704/09/2018Ipswich local6£59.90£85.00£59.90405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP43804/09/2018Haughley - Ipswich5£79.00£120.00£79.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QIP43904/09/2018Rougham - Ipswich12£86.00£3,260.40£86.30Unity Travel LtdG
QIP44007/09/2018Leiston - Ipswich4£53.00£94.00£53.00Unity Travel LtdA
QIP44111/09/2018Waldringfield - Ipswich6£72.00£120.00£72.00Cabs SmartA
QIP44211/09/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich4£90.00£310.90£90.00Cabs SmartA
QIP44314/09/2018Ipswich - Woodbridge2£55.00£110.00£55.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
QIP44413/09/2018Rendlesham - Ipswich7£28.80£90.00£42.00M&R CarsE
QIP44513/09/2018Ipswich - Otley6£42.00£105.00~~F
QIP44614/09/2018Creeting St Mary - Brettenham1£130.00£130.00£130.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedA
QIP44717/09/2018Boyton - Ipswich5£89.00£173.80£89.00Nice Travel SolutionsA
QIP44818/09/2018Framsden - Ipswich6£54.90£90.00£54.90Tony Kirby TransportA
QIP52014/09/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich6£48.00£92.40£48.00Companion Cabbie Ipswich LtdA
QIP52114/09/2018Ipswich local5£70.00£185.00£70.00Albany Travel (Ipswich) LtdA
QIP52217/09/2018Ipswich local2£38.90£55.00£39.80Tony Kirby TransportA
QIP52317/09/2018Shotely Gate - Sproughton5£50.00£119.80£50.00Cabs SmartA
QIP52417/09/2018Cattawade - Sproughton4£55.00£97.00£55.00Tony Kirby TransportA
QIP52519/09/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich5£30.00£125.00£59.00405 Cab Co LtdE
QIP52619/09/2018Ipswich local2£38.00£104.00£38.00Cabs SmartA
QIP52720/09/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich4£71.40£128.75£71.40Mr MiahA
QIP52821/09/2018Ipswich - Sproughton4£75.00£104.90£104.90405 Cab Co LtdG
QIP53028/09/2018Sutton Heat  - Woodbridge2£54.00£56.00£56.00M&R CarsA
QLS00817/09/2018Felixstowe - Leiston4£98.60£200.00£98.60405 Cab Co LtdA
QLT00105/09/2018Weybread - Lowestoft1£200.00£200.00~~F
QLT00205/09/2018Leiston - Lowestoft1£200.00£200.00~~F
QLT08921/09/2018Bury St Edmunds - Carlton Colville4£145.00£198.00£145.00Travel CarsA
QLT13104/09/2018Felixstowe - Blundeston14£115.00£222.00£115.00Roadrunner TaxisI
QLT13203/09/2018Beccles - Lowestoft5£25.00£100.00£25.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QLT13407/09/2018Great Finborough - Lowestoft7£98.00£148.75£98.00GoldlineA
QLT13506/09/2018Lowestoft local5£18.00£70.00£18.00Atlas Private Hire LtdA
QLT13818/09/2018Leiston - Carlton Colville4£60.00£97.85£70.00Roadrunner TaxisG
QLT13919/09/2018Thurlton - Lowestoft1£48.00£48.00£48.00Roadrunner TaxisA
QLT14128/09/2018Lowestoft local4£13.00£280.00£13.00Kessingland Kabs LtdA
QOC03407/09/2018Clopton - Beccles3£130.00£189.30£130.00GoldlineA
QOC08511/09/2018Haverhill - Cambridge2£70.00£110.00£70.00Pride CarsA
QOC17804/09/2018Beccles - Norwich6£120.00£170.00£120.00Rainbows TransportA
QOC17907/09/2018Haverhill - Colchester2£84.00£110.00£84.00Panther CabsA
QOC18010/09/2018Lakenheath - Thetford2£46.49£59.00£46.49Acorn TaxisA
QOC18111/09/2018Lowestoft - Dereham5£118.00£183.98£118.00Roadrunner TaxisA
QOC18211/09/2018Ipswich - Witham6£99.40£169.80£99.40405 Cab Co LtdA
QOC18312/09/2018Ipswich - Haywards Heath3£165.00£297.00£165.00Cabs SmartA
QOC18414/09/2018Lowestoft - Northwold6£140.00£243.98£140.00Roadrunner TaxisA
QOC18514/09/2018Ipswich - Thetford8£120.00£190.00£120.00Cabs SmartA
QOC18618/09/2018Haverhill - Reach2£77.00£90.00~~F
QOC18714/09/2018Exning - Girton3£128.00£160.00£128.00JP TravelA
QOC18925/09/2018Lowestoft - Worcester5£237.50£350.00£237.50GoldlineA
QPR50004/09/2018Framlingham - Bury St Edmunds3£154.70£200.50£154.70405 Cab Co LtdA
QSB03810/09/2018Mildenhall - Stowmarket4£90.00£2,052.00£90.00A2B NewmarketA
QSB04003/09/2018Diss - Stowmarket7£59.00£150.00£59.00Scole CabsA
QSB04207/09/2018Bury St Edmunds - Stowupland - Stowmarket5£70.00£180.00£80.00Call-A-CabE
QSB04307/09/2018Ipswich - Baylham - Stowmarket5£96.50£540.00£96.50Tony Kirby TransportA
QSB04407/09/2018Sudbury - Boxford - Stowmarket1£180.00£180.00£180.00Nice Travel SolutionsA
QSB04507/09/2018Melton - Stowmarket4£88.00£180.00£88.00M&R CarsA
QSB04607/09/2018Newmarket - Stowmarket3£84.00£180.00£84.00All Day CarsA
QSB04717/09/2018Stowupland - Stowmarket2£17.00£59.50~~F
QSB04821/09/2018Stanton - Stowmarket2£110.00£160.00£110.00First Stop Travel EA LimitedA
QSB04921/09/2018Kesgrave - Stowmarket6£109.00£188.00£109.00405 Cab Co LtdA
QSC03603/09/2018Ipswich - Sudbury7£78.00£140.00£78.00Sudbury Town TaxisA
QSC03710/09/2018Stowmarket - Sudbury8£65.00£180.00£65.00Julie RowA
QSC03817/09/2018Ipswich - Sudbury5£74.00£180.00~~F
QWE05606/09/2018Felixstowe - Otley8£98.60£250.00£98.60Nice Travel SolutionsA
QWE06017/09/2018Ipswich - Hollesley5£69.60£180.00£69.60Tony Kirby TransportA
QWE06119/09/2018Lowestoft - Monk Soham1£98.00£98.00£98.00Roadrunner TaxisA
TN14004/09/2018Stanton - Bardwell3£44.00£99.00£44.00A1 Cars Suffolk LtdA


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
A0118422/08/2018Ipswich Local3£36.00£40.00£36.00Cabs SmartA
AFR00207/08/2018Peasenhall - Framlingham3£75.00£125.90£75.00Ross Private HireA
AHL01807/08/2018Kedington - Haverhill2£16.00£936.00£16.00Star CabsA
AIP00802/08/2018Ipswich local5£20.00£36.80£20.00Arrow Taxi Services LtdA
AIP01303/08/2018Great Blakenham - Ipswich7£39.90£80.00£39.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
ALT00206/08/2018Kelsale - Aldeby3£115.00£174.00£115.00Ross Private HireA
ALT03123/08/2018Barnby - Lowestoft4£25.00£150.00£25.00Contract Car ServicesA
ALT26109/08/2018Lowestoft local2£9.00£75.00~~F
ALT26209/08/2018Kessingland - Lowestoft1£75.00£75.00~~F
ASC20329/08/2018Haverhill - Sudbury5£59.00£6,552.00£59.00Star CabsA
BE18107/08/2018Depden - Horringer5£172.68£336.00£172.98Suffolk NorseA
BR00507/08/2018Sotterley - Beccles7£67.00£51,000.00£67.00D R Fosdike LtdA
BR02220/08/2018Hanham - Beccles5£150.00£221.00£150.00Lamberts CoachesA
CON12020/08/2018Whatfield - Ipswich1£47.94£47.94£47.94Hadleigh Community Transport GroupA
CON48216/08/2018Framlingham - Diss3£245.00£419.00~~F
CON48316/08/2018Stonham - Framlingham4£299.51£474.71£299.51Simonds of BotesdaleA
CON48316/08/2018Diss - Framlingham4£299.50£474.71£299.51Simonds of BotesdaleB
DM30320/08/2018Brockford - Stonham Aspall - Debenham High School4£202.23£395.00£202.23Suffolk NorseA
DM30531/08/2018Kenton - Debenham7£48.98£150.00£48.98Kellys CabsA
DM31709/08/2018Coddenham - Stonham Aspall - Debenham3£209.22£298.00£209.22Suffolk NorseA
EE30810/08/2018Rickinghall - Eye10£73.50£139.90£73.50Scole CabsA
FR55607/08/2018Monewden - Framlingham2£200.00£219.50£219.50Whincop CoachesG
FR56531/08/2018Melton - Wickham Market4£32.00£54.90£32.00M&R (Woodbridge) LtdA
HH33914/08/2018Hitcham - Hadleigh5£185.06£242.00£185.06Suffolk NorseA
HL35107/08/2018Cowlinge - Haverhill2£294.00£318.00£295.00StephensonsH
HL97331/08/2018Wickhambrook - Clare5£50.00£150.00£50.00Tim's Minibus and Private HireA
IP40907/08/2018Offton - Claydon4£184.00£285.00£184.00Travelsafe LtdA
IP41407/08/2018Witnesham - Claydon3£145.00£285.00£145.00Suffolk NorseA
IP42807/08/2018Willisham - Claydon9£39.90£106.00£56.40Unity TravelG
IP42907/08/2018Flowton - Sproughton2£156.00£168.00~~F
IP42924/08/2018Flowton - Sproughton3£148.00£168.00£148.00Charlise LtdA
IP43007/08/2018Burstall - Somersham2£156.00£168.00~~F
IP43024/08/2018Burstall - Somersham1£109.96£109.96£109.96Purling TransportA
IP44914/08/2018Hemingstone - Henley2£144.00£274.00£144.00Travelsafe LtdA
LS01907/08/2018Ipswich - Saxmundham12£70.00£120.00~~F
LT18829/08/2018Corton - Blundeston4£50.00£200.00£50.00Kessingland KabsA
ML39707/08/2018Lakenheath - Brandon2£174.00£248.00£174.00Coach ServicesA
ML40220/08/2018Brandon - Mildenhall6£179.00£264.00£179.00Coach ServicesA
ML43407/08/2018Brandon - Lakenheath - Mildenhall - Red Lodge6£60.00£27,000.00£60.00S&TA
NT51410/08/2018Kennett - Newmarket3£30.80£21,000.00£30.80NewtaxA
NT52410/08/2018Red Lodge - Moulton2£160.00£248.00£160.00First Stop TravelA
QBE04315/08/2018Chedburgh - Horringer2£90.00£150.00£90.00First Stop TravelA
QBE15121/08/2018Woodbridge - Bury St Edmunds11£120.00£190.00£122.00Arrow Taxi Services LtdE
QBE16106/08/2018Bury St Edmunds - Barrow5£40.00£5,200.00£40.00Tim's Minibus and Private HireH
QBE20002/08/2018Woolpit - Bury St Edmunds10£110.00£258.00£110.00First Stop TravelA
QBE20102/08/2018Exning - Bury St Edmunds3£120.00£220.00£120.00Star CabsA
QBE20202/08/2018Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds3£120.00£220.00£120.00Star CabsA
QBE20302/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds2£120.00£150.00£120.00Star CabsA
QBE20402/08/2018Long Melford - Bury St Edmunds6£110.00£209.40£110.00First Stop TravelA
QBE20502/08/2018Thorpe Morieux - Bury St Edmunds6£110.00£180.00£110.00Star CabsA
QBE20602/08/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds13£110.00£205.00£114.40Unity TravelE
QBE20702/08/2018Old Newton - Bury St Edmunds6£130.00£220.00£130.00First Stop TravelA
QBE20802/08/2018Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds3£135.00£220.00£140.00First Stop TravelG
QBE20902/08/2018Hitcham - Bury St Edmunds4£134.00£220.00£134.00Star CabsA
QBE21002/08/2018Gazeley - Bury St Edmunds4£100.00£220.00£100.00First Stop TravelA
QBE21102/08/2018Brandon - Bury St Edmunds2£250.00£280.00£250.00Turners of Great BartonA
QBE21202/08/2018Red Lodge - Bury St Edmunds2£80.00£110.00£80.00First Stop TravelA
QBE21402/08/2018Needham Market - Bury St Edmunds5£129.00£220.00£140.00Star CabsG
QBE21502/08/2018Wickhambrook - Bury St Edmunds3£120.00£230.00£120.00Star CabsA
QBE21602/08/2018Risby - Bury St Edmunds3£60.00£170.00£60.00First Stop TravelA
QBE21702/08/2018Walsham Le Willows - Bury St Edmunds2£140.00£220.00£220.00Turners of Great BartonE
QBE21802/08/2018Wattisfield - Bury St Edmunds3£120.00£240.00£120.00Star CabsA
QBE21902/08/2018Lakenheath - Bury St Edmunds4£120.00£260.00£120.00Star CabsA
QBE22002/08/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds11£114.00£190.00£114.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdA
QBE22102/08/2018Elmswell - Bury St Edmunds7£68.64£159.00£68.64Alan KellyA
QBE22202/08/2018Great Barton - Bury St Edmunds5£60.00£156.90~~F
QBE22210/08/2018Great Barton/Hadleigh - Bury St Edmunds5£70.00£197.60£89.00First Stop TravelE
QBE22302/08/2018Shotley - Bury St Edmunds9£125.00£170.00£125.00First Stop TravelA
QBE22502/08/2018Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds5£96.00£129.40£96.00AAA CabsA
QBE22602/08/2018Newmarket - Bury St Edmunds2£105.00£110.00£105.00Tim's Minibus and Private HireA
QBE22721/08/2018Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds8£42.00£114.00£42.00Kellys CabsA
QBE22823/08/2018Great Barton - Bury St Edmunds3£60.00£90.00£60.00First Stop TravelA
QBE22928/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds5£60.00£2,508.00£60.00Star CabsA
QBE23028/08/2018Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds3£120.00£2,508.00£120.00First Stop TravelA
QBE23128/08/2018Mildenhall - Bury St Edmunds4£80.00£2,128.00£80.00First Stop TravelA
QBE23228/08/2018Wattisfield - Ixworth3£80.00£188.00£80.00Travel CarsA
QBE23328/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds4£95.00£2,508.00£95.00Tim's Minibus and Private HireA
QBE23427/08/2018Mildenhall - Moulton - Bury St Edmunds4£110.00£200.00£110.00First Stop TravelA
QBE23906/08/2018Hadleigh - Bury St Edmunds5£124.00£190.00£140.00First Stop TravelE
QBE49614/08/2018Beck Row - Bury St Edmunds4£110.00£165.00£110.00First Stop TravelA
QBE49715/08/2018Bures St Mary - Hardwick Primary School9£75.00£150.00£98.00AAA CabsE
QBE49815/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds2£90.00£104.00£90.00Star CabsA
QBE49915/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds1£60.00£60.00£60.00First Stop TravelA
QBE50015/08/2018Wattisfield - Bury St Edmunds2£60.00£122.80£60.00First Stop TravelA
QBE50117/08/2018Diss - Bury St Edmunds3£120.00£144.00£120.00First Stop TravelA
QBE50217/08/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds8£98.20£130.00£98.20Unity TravelA
QBE50317/08/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds9£109.00£150.00£109.00A2B Taxis (Needham Market)A
QBE50421/08/2018Groton - Bury St Edmunds11£90.00£130.00£96.00First Stop TravelG
QBE50521/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds4£72.00£120.00£72.00Star CabsA
QBE50621/08/2018Woodbridge - Bury St Edmunds7£98.00£134.00£98.00A2B Taxis (Needham Market)A
QBE50721/08/2018Eye - Bury St Edmunds8£64.00£160.00£64.00A2B Taxis (Needham Market)A
QBE50821/08/2018Brandon - Bury St Edmunds4£75.00£148.50£75.00First Stop TravelA
QBE50921/08/2018Stoke-by-Nayland - Bury St Edmunds5£110.00£157.60£120.00First Stop TravelE
QBE51120/08/2018Beck Row - Bury St Edmunds2£95.00£100.00£95.00Travel CarsA
QBE51131/08/2018Beck Row - Fornham St Martin - Bury St Edmunds3£80.00£3,040.00£80.00Adrian SanduA
QBE51220/08/2018Stowmarket - Bury St Edmunds3£78.00£100.00£78.00A2B Taxis (Needham Market)A
QBE51320/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds2£95.00£140.00£95.00Star CabsA
QBE51422/08/2018Debenham - Mendlesham - Bury St Edmunds11£115.00£180.00£144.00Kellys CabsE
QBE51529/08/2018Ipswich - Bury St Edmunds12£115.00£5,320.00£115.00Kellys Cabs
QBE51631/08/2018Haverhill - Bury St Edmunds2£95.00£3,496.00~~F
QBE51731/08/2018Hadleigh - Bury St Edmunds4£122.60£4,788.00~~F
QBH02413/08/2018Stratford St Andrew - Bungay11£57.00£149.90£57.00D R Fosdike LtdA
QBH02521/08/2018Beccles - Halesworth5£65.00£179.00£92.50Ross Private HireE
QHH00520/08/2018Stowmarket - Hadleigh7£63.70£118.00£63.60405 Cab CoA
QHK00231/08/2018Rendlesham - Holbrook7£58.00£2,622.00£58.00Cabs SmartA
QHL01520/08/2018Brandon - Haverhill4£126.00£200.00£126.00Star CabsA
QIP22402/08/2018Elmswell - Bury St Edmunds5£80.00£160.00£80.00First Stop TravelA
QIP22508/08/2018Ipswich local7£24.60£80.00£24.60Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QIP22628/08/2018Rougham - Ipswich12£75.00£6,080.00£75.00Kellys CabsA
QIP25831/08/2018Bury St Edmunds - Claydon17£77.00£3,420.00£77.00Julie RowA
QIP39006/08/2018Great Blakenham - Ipswich9£59.50£92.00£59.50405 Cab CoA
QIP39106/08/2018Ipswich local7£30.00£92.00£30.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdA
QIP39206/08/2018Ipswich local7£38.00£92.00~~F
QIP39214/08/2018Ipswich local7£38.00£106.00£38.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdA
QIP39306/08/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich8£40.00£106.00£40.00Coastal DriversA
QIP39406/08/2018Sudbourne - History8£70.00£118.00£70.00GDW TravelA
QIP39506/08/2018Leiston - Ipswich8£129.50£158.00£129.50405 Cab CoA
QIP39606/08/2018Ipswich Local9£46.00£110.00£46.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdA
QIP39706/08/2018Ipswich Local8£46.00£120.00£46.00Phoenix Travel Contracts LtdA
QIP39806/08/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich7£74.80£130.00£74.80Unity TravelA
QIP40007/08/2018Woodbridge - Ipswich11£44.00£96.00£44.00405 Cab CoA
QIP40107/08/2018Hadleigh - Ipswich9£54.80£110.00£54.80405 Cab CoA
QIP40208/08/2018Tuddenham St Mary - Ipswich7£32.00£56.00£32.00Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QIP40308/08/2018Tuddenham St Mary - Ipswich8£64.40£90.00£64.40405 Cab CoA
QIP40408/08/2018Hadleigh - Ipswich8£52.12£85.00£52.12405 Cab CoA
QIP40508/08/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich8£42.00£103.00£42.00Coastal DriversA
QIP40608/08/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich12£51.00£126.00£51.00Hunter ExpressA
QIP40708/08/2018Ipswich Local10£61.20£110.00£61.20Unity TravelA
QIP40808/08/2018Ipswich Local7£28.40£28.40Unity TravelA
QIP40903/08/2018Woodbridge - Ipswich9£70.00£130.00£76.00Tony Kirby Transport LimitedE
QIP41002/08/2018Ipswich local6£56.00£79.00£56.00Cabs SmartA
QIP41202/08/2018Martlesham - Ipswich6£56.80£80.00£56.80Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QIP41302/08/2018Ipswich local4£54.00£60.00~~F
QIP41314/08/2018Ipswich local6£68.90£160.00£68.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QIP41506/08/2018Ipswich local5£38.00£79.80£38.00DB TravelA
QIP41614/08/2018Ipswich - East Bergholt9£56.00£102.00£56.00Unity TravelA
QIP41715/08/2018Ipswich Local5£99.00£150.00£99.00Albany TravelA
QIP41817/08/2018Orford - Ipswich11£89.90£159.84£89.90Unity TravelA
QIP41917/08/2018Eye - Ipswich14£78.90£170.00£78.90Unity TravelA
QIP42017/08/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich11£47.20£106.56£47.20Coastal DriversA
QIP42117/08/2018Acton - Ipswich14£78.90£160.00£78.90Unity TravelA
QIP42217/08/2018Mildenhall - Ipswich16£108.40£170.00£108.40Unity TravelA
QIP42316/08/2018Ipswich local4£40.80£80.00£40.80Unity TravelA
QIP42416/08/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich11£48.00£108.00£48.00Coastal DriversA
QIP42621/08/2018Great Cornard - Ipswich13£98.00£146.00£98.00Cabs SmartA
QIP42721/08/2018Stowmarket - Ipswich10£43.00£90.00£46.00Kellys CabsG
QIP42823/08/2018Rendlesham - Ipswich5£88.90£138.00£88.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QIP42923/08/2018Ipswich - Local7£50.00£94.00£50.00Albany TravelA
QIP43023/08/2018Butley - Ipswich3£147.60£155.00£147.60Travelsafe LtdA
QIP43123/08/2018Rumburgh - Ipswich7£151.60£200.00£151.60Travelsafe LtdA
QIP43223/08/2018Worlingworth - Ipswich9£85.90£180.00£108.70405 Cab CoE
QIP43323/08/2018Ipswich Local7£30.00£80.00£30.00Unity TravelA
QIP43428/08/2018Ipswich - Kesgrave6£36.00£200.00£36.00Cabs SmartA
QIP43531/08/2018Ipswich Local2£24.90£36.00£24.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QIP43631/08/2018Shotley Gate - Ipswich6£57.95£120.00£57.95Quick Cab Services LtdA
QLT03016/08/2018Lowestoft Local5£16.00£90.00£16.00Atlas Private HireA
QLT07716/08/2018Lowestoft Local5£19.00£109.90£19.00Atlas Private HireA
QLT09207/08/2018Rumburgh - Lowestoft13£51.00£9,500.00£51.00Five One TaxisA
QLT11913/08/2018Lowestoft - Carlton Colville7£20.00£140.00£20.00Atlas Private HireA
QLT12013/08/2018Pakefield - Carlton Colville6£14.00£130.00£14.00Five One TaxisA
QLT12115/08/2018Beccles - Lowestoft9£25.20£104.90£25.20Atlas Private HireA
QLT12215/08/2018Saxmundham - Lowestoft13£54.00£130.00£54.00Atlas Private HireA
QLT12420/08/2018Halesworth - Lowestoft7£99.00£184.00£99.00Goldline TravelA
QLT12520/08/2018Bungay - Rickinghall - Lowestoft10£74.00£199.50£74.00Goldline TravelA
QLT12620/08/2018Leiston - Saxmundham - Southwold - Lowestoft11£80.00£156.00£80.00Atlas Private HireA
QLT12721/08/2018Beccles - Lowestoft6£26.00£104.90£26.00Atlas Private HireA
QLT12820/08/2018Beccles - Lowestoft8£36.00£114.98£36.00RoadrunnersA
QLT12921/08/2018Bungay - Lowestoft10£45.00£104.90£45.00Rainbows TransportA
QLT13029/08/2018Melton - Carlton Colville12£84.00£152.00£84.00Atlas Private HireA
QML01521/08/2018Haughley - Mildenhall6£96.00£138.68£96.00A2B Taxis (Needham Market)A
QML01621/08/2018Exning - Mildenhall4£48.00£128.76£48.00M&L TaxisA
QOC00706/08/2018Fornham All Saints - Old Buckenham13£97.00£11,400.00£97.00TKO CarsA
QOC02406/08/2018Lowestoft - Brighton13£225.00£400.00£225.00Cabs SmartA
QOC03224/08/2018Tunstall - Beccles8£118.50£349.00£118.50Cliff Project ManagementA
QOC03309/08/2018Lowestoft - Beccles5£78.00£134.97£89.00Cliff Project ManagementG
QOC06121/08/2018Thurston - Sible Hedingham5£71.80£143.60£71.80De Vere TravelA
QOC06621/08/2018Newmarket - Newbury4£225.00£300.00£225.00Panther CabsA
QOC06717/08/2018Bury St Edmunds - Newbury11£174.00£350.00£174.00A2B Taxis (Needham Market)A
QOC07916/08/2018Lowestoft - Goirleston9£24.00£71.00£24.00Atlas Private HireA
QOC15501/08/2018Newton - Colchester7£50.00£9,120.00~~F
QOC15613/08/2018Ipswich - Eight Ash Green12£90.00£200.00£101.50Sean BellE
QOC15713/08/2018Ipswich - Eight Ash Green12£100.00£259.18£118.00DB TravelE
QOC15813/08/2018Lowestoft - Easton11£84.00£189.78£84.00Atlas Private HireA
QOC15914/08/2018Kessingland - Lowestoft - Great Yarmouth5£80.00£158.00£80.00Atlas Private HireA
QOC16020/08/2018Haverhill - Cambridge4£60.00£216.00£60.00Star CabsA
QOC16120/08/2018Brundish - Banham7£78.48£140.00£78.48Able TaxisA
QOC16220/08/2018Chediston - Banham4£139.75£164.00£139.75Ross Private HireA
QOC16220/08/2018Chediston - Banham4£139.75£164.00£139.75Ross Private HireA
QOC16320/08/2018Kessingland - Bungay - Banham6£114.00£194.90£114.00Cliff Project ManagementA
QOC16320/08/2018Kessingland - Bungay - Banham6£114.00£194.90£114.00Cliff Project ManagementA
QOC16420/08/2018Lowestoft - Norwich9£74.00£240.00£96.00Atlas Private HireE
QOC16720/08/2018Ipswich - Elmstead Market13£63.90£2,584.00£63.90Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QOC16821/08/2018Kedington - Empingham2£100.00£130.00£100.00First Stop TravelA
QOC16920/08/2018Bury St Edmunds - Cambridge5£108.00£180.00£108.00Star CabsA
QOC17020/08/2018Wickham Market - Norwich12£103.00£186.00£103.00DR FosdikeA
QOC17223/08/2018Bury St Edmunds - Linton8£72.00£171.40£72.00Star CabsA
QOC17323/08/2018Sweffling - Northwold5£138.00£199.50£138.00M&R (Woodbridge) LtdA
QOC17429/08/2018Bury St Edmunds - Northwold6£100.00£225.00~~F
QOC17529/08/2018Lowestoft - Martham6£50.00£135.00£50.00Rainbows TransportA
QOC17631/08/2018Ipswich - Towcester13£138.00£200.00£138.00Tony Kirby Transport LimitedA
QPR50028/08/2018Framlingham - Bury St Edmunds10£100.00£5,832.00£100.00First Stop TravelA
QSB03708/08/2018Thurston - Stowmarket6£61.88£130.00£61.88Kellys CabsA
QSB03808/08/2018Mildenhall - Stowmarket6£76.68£119.20£76.68Kellys CabsA
QSB03908/08/2018Haverhill - Stowmarket5£95.00£129.68£95.00Star CabsA
QSB04131/08/2018Martlesham Heath - Stowmarket5£74.20£92.00£74.20Unity TravelA
QSC00120/08/2018Haverhill - Great Cornard4£59.00£192.00£59.00Star CabsC
QSC00220/08/2018Lowestoft - Great Cornard9£98.80£250.00£98.80A2B Taxis (Needham Market)A
QSC00320/08/2018West Row - Great Cornard4£130.00£180.00£130.00First Stop TravelA
QSC00420/08/2018Ipswich - Great Cornard6£76.00£104.00£76.00Unity TravelA
QSC00620/08/2018Martlesham - Great Cornard6£89.30£150.00£89.30Unity TravelA
QSC01822/08/2018Ipswich - Sudbury9£100.00£180.00£130.00Albany TravelE
QSC02009/08/2018Haverhill - Sudbury2£130.00£230.00£130.00Star CabsA
QSC02220/08/2018Lavenham - Sudbury3£140.00£150.00£140.00Femme CarsA
QTN00723/08/2018Stowupland - Rattlesden - Ixworth8£66.50£142.00£66.50Kellys CabsA
QWE03431/08/2018Woodbridge - Felixstowe6£22.00£48.00£22.00Coastal DriversA
QWE04929/08/2018Ipswich - Melton9£46.00£78.00£46.00M&R (Woodbridge) LtdA
QWE05029/08/2018Badingham - Otley10£80.00£119.62£88.00A L CarsE
QWE05129/08/2018Ipswich - Otley7£59.90£94.30£88.00Tony Kirby Transport LimitedH
QWE05229/08/2018Ipswich - Otley7£74.50£115.90£74.50405 Cab CoA
QWE05329/08/2018Sudbury - Otley6£94.40£181.60£74.50405 Cab CoH
QWE05429/08/2018Thwaite - Crowfield - Otley6£55.30£128.00£55.30405 Cab CoA
QWE05529/08/2018Hawstead - Otley8£118.00£190.00£118.00Kellys CabsA
QWE05629/08/2018Felixstowe - Otley8£98.60£250.00£98.60Nice Travel SolutionsA
QWE05729/08/2018Kesgrave - Melton - Woodbridge - Otley7£66.00£98.00£66.0024x7 LtdA
QWE05829/08/2018Ipswich - Otley5£59.20£132.00£59.20405 Cab CoA
SB41007/08/2018Wattisham - Ringshall4£144.29£207.50£144.29Suffolk NorseA
TN11407/08/2018Stanton - Thurston3£119.00£130.00~~F
TN16507/08/2018Thorpe Morieux - Thurston3£205.44£298.00£205.44Suffolk NorseA


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other

Transport Act 1985 and 2000 - Results of tenders for local bus services

Route no.DeadlineRoute descriptionNo. of tenders receivedLowest TenderHighest tenderAccepted tender priceAccepted operatorNotes
ABE00403/07/2018Lidgate - Depden3£40.00£84.36£40.00Tim's Minibus and Private HireA
AIP61116/07/2018Ipswich local6£15.00£55.00£15.00Arrow Taxi Services LtdA
AIP61713/07/2018Chelmondiston - Ipswich3£40.00£57.80£40.00Unity TravelA
AML00716/07/2018Acton - Lakenheath5£110.00£217.90£110.00Greenline Private HireH
BH26716/07/2018Linstead - Bungay4£198.50£220.00£198.50Belle CoachesA
BH26816/07/2018Rumburgh - Bungay6£172.00£255.00£172.00Border BusA
BH26916/07/2018Halesworth - Bungay7£172.00£255.00£185.00Grebe CoachesG
BH27016/07/2018Ubbeston Green - Bungay3£209.00£215.00£209.00BR ShreeveA
BH27116/07/2018Bramfield - Bungay3£199.00£210.00~~F
BH27130/07/2018Bramfield - Bungay4£192.00£199.00£192.00Whincop CoachesA
BH27216/07/2018Blythburgh - Bungay5£246.00£405.00£246.00Konnect BusA
BR03006/07/2018Carlton Colville - Barnby3£28.00£40.00£28.00Roadrunner TaxisA
CON01816/07/2018Haverhill - Clare4£265.00£379.00£265.00Big Green Bus CompanyA
DM30106/07/2018Debenham - Wetheringsett3£74.30£90.00£74.30405 Cab Co LtdA
DM30330/07/2018Wetheringsett - Debenham1£324.00£324.00~~F
DM30630/07/2018Bedfield - Debenham4£198.80£315.00£198.80ThompsonsA
DM30730/07/2018Monewden - Debenham3£210.00£290.00£210.00Travelsafe LtdA
DM31730/07/2018Creeting St Mary - Stonham Aspal2£325.00£329.00~~F
EE30402/07/2018Gislingham - Hartismere3£298.00£344.00£298.00Galloway European CoachlinesA
EE30502/07/2018Rickinghall - Hartismere4£274.90£349.00£274.90Simonds of Botesdale LtdA
EE30702/07/2018Wortham - Hartismere3£159.00£225.00£159.00JJ's Coaches & TaxisA
EE30802/07/2018Rickinghall - Hartismere2£159.00£190.00~~F
EE30902/07/2018Thwaite - Hartismere5£159.00£263.00£159.00GoldstarcabsA
EE31002/07/2018Palgrave - Hartismere4£229.90£319.00£229.90Simonds of Botesdale LtdA
EE31102/07/2018Redgrave - Hartismere4£224.90£319.00£224.90Simonds of Botesdale LtdA
EE31202/07/2018Hinderclay - Hartismere4£224.90£330.00£224.90Simonds of Botesdale LtdA
EE31302/07/2018Westhorpe - Hartismere2£288.00£324.00£288.00Galloway European CoachlinesA
EE31502/07/2018Wickham Street - Hartismere2£298.00£324.00Galloway European CoachlinesA
EE31602/07/2018Stonham Aspal - Hartismere3£293.00£319.00~~F
EE31630/07/2018Stonham Aspal - Hartismere3£293.00£319.00~~F
EE31702/07/2018Palgrave - Hartismere4£219.90£307.00£219.00Simonds of Botesdale LtdA
EE31802/07/2018Heckfield Green - Eye2£299.00£330.00£299.00Simonds of Botesdale LtdA
EE31902/07/2018Hoxne - Hartismere3£219.95£275.00£219.95FarelineA
EE32402/07/2018Hinderclay - Botesdale3£159.00£199.00£198.00Mulleys MotorwaysG
EE32702/07/2018Rishangles - Eye3£248.00£298.00£248.00Simonds of Botesdale LtdA
LS01131/07/2018Ramsholt - Saxmundham10£115.00£200.00£115.00GDW TravelA
LS01431/07/2018Orford - Leiston3£166.00£180.00£166.00B R Shreeve & Son LtdA
LS01731/07/2018Hollesley - Leiston3£160.00£189.50£160.00PF TravelA
QBE20026/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School8£120.00£258.00~~F
QBE20126/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£120.00£220.00~~F
QBE20226/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£120.00£220.00~~F
QBE20326/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School2£120.00£165.00~~F
QBE20426/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School5£118.00£209.40~~F
QBE20526/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School5£110.00£180.00~~F
QBE20626/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School10£115.00£180.00~~F
QBE20726/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School5£120.00£220.00~~F
QBE20826/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School2£130.00£220.00~~F
QBE20926/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£130.00£220.00~~F
QBE21026/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School4£120.00£187.50~~F
QBE21126/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School2£158.00£250.00~~F
QBE21226/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School2£110.00£160.00~~F
QBE21326/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£120.00£230.00~~F
QBE21426/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School4£125.00£220.00~~F
QBE21526/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£120.00£230.00~~F
QBE21626/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£100.00£150.00~~F
QBE21726/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School2£176.00£220.00~~F
QBE21826/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£120.00£240.00~~F
QBE21926/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£120.00£260.00~~F
QBE22026/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School8£114.00£180.00~~F
QBE22126/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School4£120.00£159.00~~F
QBE22226/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School4£120.00£177.00~~F
QBE22326/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School6£105.00£170.00~~F
QBE22426/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School6£120.00£165.00~~F
QBE22526/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School3£90.00£130.00~~F
QBE22626/07/2018Various locations to Riverwalk School2£110.00£162.00~~F
QEE00404/07/2018Bury St Edmunds - Wilby3£230.50£312.80£230.50405 Cab Co LtdA
QFX01419/07/2018Ipswich - Felixstowe9£83.60£150.00£83.60Phoenix TravelA
QFX01519/07/2018Ipswich - Felixstowe8£64.60£140.00£64.60Phoenix TravelA
QHH00219/07/2018Little Waldingfield - Hadleigh7£58.00£150.00£68.00Phoenix TravelG
QHH00319/07/2018Hadleigh - Ipswich9£30.00£110.00£30.00Hadleigh Private Hire Cars LtdA
QHH00405/07/2018Stowmarket - Hadleigh3£79.00£86.50£79.00Tony Kirby Transport LtdA
QHK00119/07/2018Ipswich - Holbrook8£22.90£90.00£22.90Les ChauffeursA
QIP02804/07/2018Brandeston - Ipswich8£76.00£149.80£76.00Unity TravelA
QIP23120/07/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich8£52.00£129.00£52.00Unity TravelA
QIP25303/07/2018Haverhill - Ipswich8£134.98£180.00£134.98Greenline Private HireA
QIP30019/07/2018Brantham - Ipswich8£82.00£142.00£82.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP30119/07/2018Leiston - Ipswich9£126.00£235.00£126.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP30219/07/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich7£86.00£171.40£86.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP30319/07/2018Purdis Farm - Ipswich7£74.20£116.30£74.20Unity TravelA
QIP30419/07/2018Shotley Gate - Ipswich9£49.90£110.00£49.90Tony Kirby Transport LtdA
QIP30519/07/2018Laxfield - Ipswich13£83.00£134.00£83.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP30619/07/2018Wickham Market - Ipswich9£83.90£140.00£83.90Tony Kirby Transport LtdA
QIP31520/07/2018Stutton - Ipswich8£73.60£129.60£73.60Phoenix TravelD
QIP31620/07/2018Ipswich local6£74.60£114.00£74.60Phoenix TravelD
QIP31720/07/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich7£81.00£130.00£81.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP31820/07/2018Cratfield - Ipswich7£143.00£280.00£143.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP31920/07/2018Ipswich local6£65.00£150.90£65.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32020/07/2018Haughley - Ipswich5£87.60£136.00£87.60Phoenix TravelD
QIP32120/07/2018Ipswich local6£63.00£130.90£63.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32220/07/2018Melton - Ipswich7£79.60£120.00£79.60Phoenix TravelD
QIP32320/07/2018Leiston - Ipswich9£118.00£220.00£118.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32420/07/2018Whatfield - Ipswich5£84.00£126.90£84.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32520/07/2018Ipswich local3£86.00£162.00£86.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32620/07/2018Ipswich local6£70.00£125.90£70.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32720/07/2018Ipswich local2£147.00£162.00£147.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32820/07/2018Claydon - Ipswich6£73.00£110.90£73.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP32920/07/2018Ipswich local6£69.00£108.00£69.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP33020/07/2018Worlingworth - Ipswich7£85.60£160.00£85.60Phoenix TravelD
QIP33120/07/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich8£83.60£167.90£83.60Phoenix TravelA
QIP33220/07/2018Kesgrave - Ipswich6£77.00£131.50£77.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP33320/07/2018Ipswich local2£78.60£160.00£78.60Phoenix TravelA
QIP33420/07/2018Framsden - Ipswich7£79.60£115.00£79.60Phoenix TravelA
QIP33520/07/2018Cockfield - Ipswich7£82.60£142.00£82.60Phoenix TravelA
QIP33620/07/2018Ipswich local6£66.00£130.90£66.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP33720/07/2018Shotley Gate - Ipswich6£70.00£114.00£70.00Unity TravelA
QIP33820/07/2018Saxmundham - Ipswich7£103.00£150.00£103.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP33920/07/2018Ipswich local2£145.00£160.00£145.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP34020/07/2018Bramford - Ipswich6£60.00£108.00£60.00Unity TravelA
QIP34120/07/2018Ipswich local5£69.50£130.90£69.50Phoenix TravelA
QIP34220/07/2018Ipswich - Ipswich5£60.00£115.90£60.00Unity TravelA
QIP34323/07/2018Monk Soham - Ipswich4£88.00£175.00£88.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP34423/07/2018Lakenheath - Ipswich6£129.00£260.00£129.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP34623/07/2018Gislingham - Ipswich3£101.00£183.00£102.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP34723/07/2018Ipswich - Ipswich5£78.00£157.00£78.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP34823/07/2018Acton - Ipswich6£86.50£155.80£86.50Phoenix TravelD
QIP35023/07/2018Bramford - Ipswich4£77.00£180.00£77.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP35223/07/2018Woodbridge - Ipswich5£97.00£200.00£97.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP35323/07/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich4£85.00£165.00£85.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP35423/07/2018Thurston - Ipswich4£113.00£200.00£113.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP35523/07/2018Assington - Ipswich4£97.00£197.00£97.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP35623/07/2018Framlingham - Ipswich4£97.00£185.00£97.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP35723/07/2018Haughley - Ipswich4£100.00£200.00£100.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP35923/07/2018Combs - Ipswich6£96.60£151.00£96.60Phoenix TravelD
QIP36023/07/2018Southwold - Ipswich7£123.00£280.00£123.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP36123/07/2018Campsea Ashe - Ipswich4£95.00£127.00£95.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP36223/07/2018Ipswich - Ipswich2£167.00£181.00£167.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP36323/07/2018Brandeston - Ipswich5£76.00£132.00£76.00Unity TravelA
QIP36423/07/2018Leiston - Ipswich6£107.60£215.00£107.60Phoenix TravelD
QIP36523/07/2018Bury St Edmunds - Bacton - Brettenham7£82.00£155.00£82.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP36623/07/2018Debenham - Brettenham7£112.00£265.00£112.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP36723/07/2018Bures St Mary - Brettenham3£78.00£137.90£78.00Phoenix TravelD
QIP36823/07/2018Ipswich - Brettenham6£78.00£150.00£97.20Unity TravelG
QIP36923/07/2018Felixstowe - Brettenham5£89.00£122.80£100.00Hadleigh Private Hire Cars LtdG
QIP37023/07/2018Cavendish - Brettenham3£68.00£85.00£68.00Greenline Private HireA
QIP37125/07/2018Ipswich local7£68.00£145.00£109.40405 Cab Co LtdG
QIP37225/07/2018Ipswich local7£48.00£104.00£48.00Cabs SmartA
QIP37305/07/2018Risby - Ipswich12£107.00£274.08£134.00A2B Taxis Needham MarketG
QIP37424/07/2018Brantham - Ipswich9£53.80£90.00£53.80Tony Kirby Transport LtdA
QIP37525/07/2018Brantham - Martlesham Heath5£82.00£130.00£82.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP37625/07/2018Sibton - Martlesham Heath8£71.00£100.00£71.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP37725/07/2018Hadleigh - Martlesham Heath6£74.00£110.00£74.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP37825/07/2018Ipswich - Martlesham Heath6£73.00£143.80£73.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP37925/07/2018Grundisburgh -Martlesham Heath4£70.00£80.00£70.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP38025/07/2018Ipswich - Martlesham Heath6£73.00£133.10£73.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP38126/07/2018Ipswich - Ipswich9£47.00£350.00£47.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP38226/07/2018Multiple routes into Sidegate Primary School11£40.00£225.00~~F
QIP38326/07/2018Ipswich local7£26.00£225.00£26.00Tony Kirby Transport LtdA
QIP38427/07/2018Ipswich local6£30.00£6,460.00£30.00Cabs SmartA
QIP38527/07/2018Felixstowe - Ipswich4£91.00£185.00£91.00Phoenix TravelA
QIP38627/07/2018Woolverstone - Ipswich4£83.00£172.00£133.00Tony Kirby Transport LtdG
QIP38727/07/2018Lower Somersham - Ipswich6£70.60£15,200.00£70.60Unity TravelA
QIP38827/07/2018Ipswich local3£85.00£164.00£133.00Tony Kirby Transport LtdG
QIP38927/07/2018Kesgrave - Ipswich6£36.00£6,840.00£36.00Tony Kirby Transport LtdA
QLT11505/07/2018Halesworth - Lowestoft5£48.00£67.00£48.00DR FosdikeA
QLT11606/07/2018Beccles - Walpole2£57.97£60.00£57.97Goldline LtdA
QLT11706/07/2018Lowestoft - Lound3£26.00£38.00~~F
QLT11810/07/2018Martlesham - Carlton Colville3£140.00£185.00£140.00Unity TravelA
QSB03609/07/2018Whatfield - Stowmarket6£48.00£110.00£48.00Hadleigh Private Hire Cars LtdA
SC70316/07/2018Glemsford - Clare4£314.00£331.00£319.00Stephensons of EssexH


A - contract let on basis of lowest cost
B - contract let as being most economically advantageous to the Council
C - joint lowest bidder selected at random
D - contract let as part of combined offer from operator
E - lowest tender submitted not compliant with tender specification / terms and conditions
F - tender not awarded
- lowest bidder withdrew from tender process
- other


Current contract prices

Live contract list

Guidance, Documents & FAQs


Suffolk Sourcing guides

Safe vehicles guidance (PDF, 318KB)

Wheelchair guidance (PDF, 417KB)

Driving on school premises guidance (PDF, 318KB)

School staff directing vehicles guidance (PDF, 318KB)

ID badge photo guidance (PDF, 276KB)



Approved bus and taxi suppliers (PDF, 116KB)

Current passenger transport contracts (PDF, 323KB)

Contract terms and conditions - Pre DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) (PDF, 768KB)

Contract terms and conditions - DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) (904KB)

Safeguarding leaflet (PDF, 110KB)



Full details of payments terms are included within the Terms and Conditions of Contract effective at the time.

A full copy of the current version can be downloaded from the documents section of this page.

We can only process an invoice for payment if it is correct, so it is important to submit correctly formatted invoices.

The council will consider all bids, but is not bound to accept any bid, or award the tender.

All the submissions are considered and are presently awarded on the basis of the lowest annual cost. Where there are two or more bids with an equal lowest price, consideration will be given as to whether it would be advantageous to maintain the previous supplier for continuity purposes. Where this is not the case, organisations will be invited to submit a best and final price. Where there are two or more organisations whose re-submitted price are equally the lowest, a method to randomly select the winner will be used (e.g. toss of a coin or drawing lots).

We will let bidders know as soon as possible as to whether their bid has been successful or not.

We cannot help or be involved with the bidding process. You must work out for yourself how much it will cost your organisation to deliver the contract, including all costs and any profit margin that you may wish to add. We do however regularly update a list of all the current contracts that are operated for us, so by looking at similar types of contract you may be able to see what the market is currently charging. Remember though that their costs may be different from yours. Do not bid so low that it is not financially viable for you to continue with the contract.

How are tenders issued?

All tenders are advertised on our secure online procurement system, Suffolk Sourcing.

Only those registered on Suffolk Sourcing and who have successfully completed the application to participate in the Dynamic Purchasing System will receive notification of a tender opportunity. Please see the section ‘How do I become a transport supplier?’ for further information on how to register your organisation.

What will a tender document comprise of ?

Each tender advertised on Suffolk Sourcing (also referred to as a ‘Mini-Competition’) will consist of the following

  1. Mini-Competition document that will include
    • the date that the contract will start
    • the anticipated termination date
    • other details such as the number of seats required and any other special requirements. (These can range from a Passenger Assistant to a tail lift for a passenger using a wheelchair).
    • A timetable will also be included within the mini-competition document. This may take the form of a detailed timetable for local bus services, or a non-specific address timetable for some forms of school and adult transport. Exact addresses will be provided upon award of contract to ensure the protection of personal data.
  2. A separate price specification questionnaire will also be visible, where you will be asked to state the daily cost at which your organisation is willing to operate the service. Before submitting your tender bid, please ensure you read section 3 of the mini-competition document and be sure to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions under which the contract will be operating.

The tender submitted will constitute an offer and, if the Council accepts that offer by notifying the bidder via Suffolk Sourcing, then we will issue a contract for your signature incorporating all schedules and specifications attached thereto.

Important note about the Terms and Conditions of Contract - With the introduction of the DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System we have undertaken a comprehensive review of our terms and conditions of contract to reflect the new "lot" based procurement. We strongly advise all operators to review these terms and conditions to ensure that they are able to meet the standards set out.

A full copy of the current contract terms and conditions can be downloaded from the documents section on this page.

What if I do not understand something about the tender document?

Any questions or requests for further information relating to a tender must be raised through the Suffolk Sourcing system.

  • Select the tender that you wish to raise a question/information request about and
  • Select the correspondence tab.
  • Choose ‘Create Correspondence’, type in your question/information request, and submit.

When anyone asks for clarification, we provide the answer to everyone who expresses an interest in the tender. This is to ensure that everyone who bids has the same information and that the process is fair and transparent.

There is no limit to the number of questions/information requests that can be submitted. However, there will be a clarification deadline date. This date will be up to one week before the deadline for receipt of tenders and we are not obliged to respond to any questions/information requests once the clarification deadline has passed.

What is the difference between a compliant and non-compliant bid?

A compliant bid is where the submitted bid meets all the criteria set out in the mini-competition document and the price submitted is based on that specification.

A non-compliant bid fails to meet the criteria set out in the mini-competition document. Altering a timetable, or combining it with one from another tender or an existing contract will also render the bid non-compliant.

A non-compliant bid will be set aside and will not be considered.

When are tenders divided into lots?

Most tenders will be issued as a single “lot” as in most cases the tender comprises an entire daily timetable or a single journey per day requirement. Such requirements are not divided further into smaller lots as it would be operationally difficult to deliver (e.g. different bus operators on the same route/different organisation providing the return journey).

 Sometimes however a group of tenders may be issued which are advertised on the same tender document as “multiple lots”. This is usually where there are a large number of routes tendered at the same time to either one school or in the same geographical area. All these routes will be issued on the same mini-competition document to ensure that organisations seeking to bid can see all opportunities in one place, rather than needing to download a number of documents. Your organisation can bid for one or more of the multiple lots. You do not have to bid for all the routes contained in a multiple lot, only those you are interested in.

Can I submit an alternative to the tender specification?

Presently we cannot accept a change that will alter the required operation as specified in the mini-competition document. Any bids submitted that do not provide the requirements we have specified, or for which the timetable does not operate to the locations listed, in the correct order or times (were specified) as detailed in the mini-competition document, will not be considered, and will be set aside as a non-compliant bid.

Consideration will be given to a bid that may for example include additional locations outside of the specified timetable, as long as they do not affect the specified timetable or the ability to provide the required number of seats requested.

 Tenders will be awarded on a lowest annual cost basis. Therefore a bid offering something additional, as described in the previous paragraph, will not out weigh another bid which has a lower annual cost.

 Can I submit combined bids?

We presently cannot accept a bid that combines two or more routes. A price to operate each route as per the mini-competition document must be submitted. This is the case for both “single” lot and “multiple” lots tenders. Bids received for routes that your organisation has combined will not be considered and will be set aside as non-compliant.

 We will however accept an offer to operate two or more routes within a multiple lot (as per their specification) at a reduced price. In these instances, in addition to completing the price specification questionnaire for each route individually, an additional “Combined bids” price questionnaire will be available to allow you to provide details of the discount that you are offering, together with the total number of bids that your organisation can accept.

Step 1. Register

Step 2. You need to visit this page and 'Express Interest' and complete the form to become approved

Step 3. If approved, you will become an approved supplier and will be able to tender for work

Step 4. Search our current tenders

Joining the Dynamic Purchasing System

To join the DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System you need to log in to Suffolk Sourcing and by clicking on “All Opportunities” on the left hand bar you can search for “Dynamic Purchasing System” or alternatively “CD1204” (the reference for the DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System).

The DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System is split into two categories or “lots” based on vehicle size (vehicles 16 seats and over / vehicles with fewer than 16 seats) and you can choose to join the lot most suited to your fleet. In some circumstances you may wish to register for both lots if your organisation is qualified to operate both sizes of vehicle. The application process will ask questions relating to licences held, insurance cover (for which copies will need to be uploaded) and several other topics.

A successful application and acceptance into the DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System assures Suffolk County Council that all organisations that they enter into contract with are qualified to deliver the class of work that tenders are offered for and that the organisation has expressed an interest in.

Suppliers who have successful applied to join the DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System and accepted as approved suppliers will be required to upload insurance documents annually and will be sent reminders.

Only those organisations who have successfully joined the DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System will be included on the list of approved suppliers.

Only these suppliers will be informed of tender opportunities and able to submit bids for those opportunities.

With effect from Monday 4thJune 2018 all opportunities will be advertised through the DPSCloseDynamic Purchasing System and no other forms of tender will be used other than in exceptional circumstances.

Other interested parties may also download approved bus and taxi suppliers from the documents section of this page. The list will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Important notes for other parties using this list -

  • The list of approved suppliers only indicates that the supplier named on the list has passed the criteria set out by Suffolk County Council for the services that it provides under the terms and conditions of contract.
  • No inference should be drawn that inclusion on this list offers any warranty or recommendation on the part of Suffolk County Council as to the ability of the operator to deliver services of this or any other type.
  • This list only includes those who have registered an interest in delivering contracts for the authority and is not intended to represent a comprehensive list of suppliers available in Suffolk for this type of work.
  • Any party engaging a supplier on this list to deliver a service after consulting this list is advised to fully inform themselves as to the terms and conditions under which any service is delivered.

This grant was previously administered exclusively by Department for Transport (DfT) and is intended to reimburse operators of local bus services for an element of the duty paid for fuel used to operate the services.

Since January 2014 however responsibility for payments on local bus services supported by local authorities has been devolved and a sum equivalent to the final payments made by DfT in the year previous to January 2014 is now made annually to Suffolk County Council.

Conditions placed upon the grant by DfT state that it may only be used to support local bus services (including Community Transport) and for the provision of infrastructure that support such services.

Since January 2014 Suffolk County Council has used this funding to support local bus services in the following ways –

  1. Paying to operators the grant that can no longer be claimed from DfT on existing supported services. Operators were asked for previous submissions and these were cross referenced with data supplied by DfT. Invoices for BSOGCloseBus Service Operators Grant are submitted separately from invoice costs. This is paid on the basis that the operator should be “no better off and no worse off”
  2. Paying BSOGCloseBus Service Operators Grant on supported services that have been secured since this date in the form of new contracts, bidders are required to submit BSOGCloseBus Service Operators Grant sums separately within their tender and to claim separately.
  3. A limited number of services are now funded in their entirety by the grant, these are mostly in rural locations or at times of the day when SCCCloseSuffolk County Council could not normally fund services.
  4. The provision of infrastructure within Suffolk including Real Time Passenger Information (RTPICloseReal time passenger information also sometimes referred to as ‘live departure times’ also sometimes referred to as ‘live departure times’) screens, promotional materials for Connecting Communities services and a number of small projects.

Companies or individuals who tender for contracts with Suffolk County Council are advised that in certain circumstances the provisions of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (SI 2006/246) known as TUPECloseTransfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment), may apply.

This entirely replaces the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981 (SI 1981/1794) which have often been referred to as the TUPECloseTransfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations.

Where these regulations apply there will be a responsibility placedCloseThe child has been placed at a school by a Local Authority Officer; this includes a placement at the nearest suitable schoolCloseThe nearest qualifying school with places available that provides education appropriate to the age, ability and aptitude of the child, and any special educational needs that the child may have. The nearest qualifying school for a child with special educational needs may well be different than for other children. When considering eligibility for transport, for a school to be considered suitable it must have places available. with places available if none of you preferences can be met or to a special school or specialist unit on the grounds of special educational needs. upon the successful bidder to comply fully with this legislation.