Our objectives 

The Passenger Transport group within the Growth, Highways and Infrastructure department of Suffolk County Council has a number of objectives including:


Encouraging more people to use public transport

We are always encouraging people to consider alternative means of transport to the car.
If only a small percentage of journeys were transferred to public transport, the effect on the environment would be noticeable.


Journey planning

We produce comprehensive and impartial journey planning information in various forms ranging from:

  • journey planning on our website
  • providing data to TraveLine


Providing financial support

We sponsor a number of bus services that would not be viable commercially. 
These concentrate on Sundays, evenings and travelling to work from the more remote rural locations.
These services could help reduce social exclusion.


Bus stop timetables

We maintain timetable displays at around 1700 bus stops throughout the county.


Connecting Communities

We provide financial contributions and operational support for a number of accessible transport schemes.
This also covers creating opportunities and awareness of the needs of the disabled when it comes to access and use of public transport.


Quality partnerships

We work closely with bus operators to develop "Quality Partnerships".
This has led to such schemes as:

  • real time passenger information - improving the information passengers receive at bus stops
  • bus punctuality improvement partnership - to improve reliability and punctuality of bus services
  • "Superoutes" for buses,
  • bikes on trains


Innovating services

We always look to develop and innovate services such as that produced the park and ride scheme in Ipswich, with its multiple award winning facilities.



Information posters 

All of the above files are available to view in one document.
How to use buses (PDF 1MB)



Download infographic (PDF 1.4MB)
Infographic information correct at time of publishing on 16 May 2018.


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